Family watches a movie together

Curtain up for home theater

Start the film and relax! With smart devices, your movie night will be a complete success. 

Off to the couch

Grab the popcorn and get cozy on the sofa with your loved ones – well do the rest. While youre enjoying sweet or salty treats (or both), your connected home theater is running at full throttle. 

Cinema for your smart home

It smells like popcorn, it’s slowly getting cozy and dark, and the opening credits start while you snuggle into your seat. What would cinema be without the right atmosphere? The lighting, the sound, and some delicious popcorn – that’s what makes a movie night complete. Thanks to smart devices, this can now also be done at home, turning a movie night into a cinema experience:  

The Dark (K)night

Family sitting together on couch, watching movie on a big screen

Before the movie starts in the theater, the lights in the cinema auditorium are dimmed from bright to dark. At home, have the blinds lowered while your room lights slowly dim and the smart TV starts up. And if you are equipped accordingly, the ambient lighting will also activate and make the experience even more complete! 

Good sound is half the experience

Ambient lighting and box speakers are turned on for a cinematic experience

What would cinema be without the right sound? Even before the movie starts, your speakers play light background music. And from your comfortable seat on the sofa, you can combine the sound with the right lighting mood, so that the cinema sound starts as soon as the lights dim. 

The smell of popcorn

Man controls Cookit and TV from sofa and gets snacks from kitchen

The movie magic isnt complete until you have the right snacks. To make sure your popcorn doesnt get eaten before the movie even starts, you can control your Cookit and TV at the proper time from the comfort of your sofa, with just one click in your app. That way, your popcorn will be ready exactly when it should be. 

Skilled pauses

The doorbell is set to silent mode

One advantage of the home theater is that you can pause the movie without bothering anyone. To ensure that the ambience is not interrupted, though, background music, a brighter lighting mood, and even a fresh snack from the oven can make the time more pleasant, while you wait for the movie to resume. And we can also prevent unwanted interruptions: just let your smart home turn off the doorbell, informing you instead via a discreet notification on your smartphone if someone is at the door. And just like thatyouve got pure movie magic – without interruptions. 

Reach for the stars

When the sun is slowly setting, the temperatures are still mild, and the crickets are chirping in the distance, the movie night can easily be moved outside. Combine the movie experience with warm summer evenings – we take care of the lawn, the weather forecast, and the lighting mood. 

Run, robot, run!

Robotic mower mows the grass in front of a movie screen in the yard
As soon as the weather forecast gives you the go-ahead, its time for open-air cinema. So that you can make yourself comfortable outside, the robotic lawnmower makes the final preparations. So you can just fall back into your beanbag chair and enjoy the show

Bringing light into the darkness

Smart yard lighting for open-air evenings

The perfect atmosphere for your summer cinema experience: as soon as the sun sets, the smart garden lighting comes on. Of course, only as bright as is compatible with the screen –the perfect ambience for magical open-air evenings. 

Houston, we don’t have a problem

In the theater, when the movie is over, our gaze usually falls on the popcorn-strewn floor. Luckily, the cleaners are waiting in the wings at home, too. 

The last of the popcorn

Vacuum-cleaning robot takes care of crumbs in the living room

To ensure that the end credits are also a success, your vacuum-cleaning robot will clean up the crumbs as soon as the lights come back up. 

Happy ending

Connected dishwasher takes care of the dirty dishes after movie night

Relax at the end of the evening and dont worry about a thing: the connected dishwasher selects the right wash program for you, so you save electricity and water at the same time. 

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