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Benefits of a smart home: what a connected home offers you

Make your life easier and benefit from the advantages of a smart home: intelligent living adds convenience to your daily life, provides more security, saves time, money – and on top of all that, it helps you save energy. 

A smart home is much more than just a technological gimmick. It offers tangible benefits, makes your life more comfortable, frees up time, provides more security, saves money, and helps you save energy. Make your life easier. From a smart starter package with two or three connected smart home devices, to a fully connected smart home system, these days it’s possible to equip your home with clever technology that supports every part of your daily life. A smart home offers you the chance to have even more comfort and efficiency in your life. 

Want to control the temperature in your living spaces more precisely? Then its time for a smart heating system or a smart ventilation system. Have you had a break-in in your neighborhood and want to make your home safer? A smart surveillance system with an intelligent door lock and security cameras can help. Or perhaps you want to control your entertainment system – such as the TV, speakers, and living room lights for the next home theater night, using voice commands? No problem. The possibilities of smart home technology are varied and plenty and its easier than ever to dive right in. 

Intelligent, connected smart home systems

An important characteristic of a smart home is the connection of devices that can communicate with each other. Today, smart home devices are usually controlled via an app on a smartphone. The collaboration of different smart devices makes life even more comfortable. Consider this example: when your alarm goes off in the morning, the light turns on gradually, the coffee machine has hot coffee ready for you, the floor tiles in the bathroom are set to a pleasant temperature, and your favorite music can be heard throughout your home, making it easier to get up and start your day. 

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Benefit 1: a smart home provides more comfort

A big advantage of a smart home is the immediate increase in your living comfort. Of course, this always looks a little different for everyone but, basically, its about making life a little easier.

Who likes coming home to a cold apartment in winter, investing a lot of time in cleaning, or touring the entire house in the evening to make sure that all the lights have been turned off? Your smart home accompanies you in your daily life, making life easier. 

One example: smart room thermostats connected to your smart home offer a high level of comfort. They constantly check the humidity in your living space and let you know when its time to ventilate, via a push message on your smartphone. Or you can go one step further: there are windows that can open on their own via a motor, triggered by your smart room thermostat. To prevent unnecessary heat loss, the smart heating system automatically turns down the connected thermostats when windows are open. 

Or when you leave the house, you can give your smart home the command Im leaving now via a set-up scenario. Your smart home will then automatically turn down the heating thermostats, close the smart shutters or blinds, and at the same time switch on the security system, including surveillance cameras. 

So, if you want to enjoy all-around comfort with the help of your smart home, its best to connect several smart home devices. That way, youll have more free time for things that are really important to you, and youll keep discovering new ways to make your everyday life even easier. 

Benefit 2: a smart home means more free time

Thanks to smart home benefits, the mother spends more time with the child while the vacuum-cleaning robot cleans the floor.

Usually, youre well occupied with your job and family, meaning free time is scarce. How nice would it be if the shopping could take care of itself, the apartment could clean itself on the weekend, or the lawn could mow itself? A smart home offers you many options for getting rid of time-consuming everyday activities. A robotic vacuum cleaner can help you around the house, a smart refrigerator can order groceries on its own, and a robotic mower can trim your lawn. Thanks to the connection of your everyday helpers, everything can be done conveniently with a single click in the smart home app. So, you can invest the time you save in more important things friends, family, hobbies, or simply relaxing. 

Want additional comfort? Smart lighting can help. When you fall into bed, tired, in the evening, the entire living area can go to sleep at the touch of a button. The blinds and thermostats can automatically lower, all lights and other devices can turn off, and the security system can turn on – fantastically simple! 

Benefit 3: a smart home improves security

Smart Home advantages: light control in the baby’s room via app

Home is where you feel safe. Special smart home security systems give you the kind of good feeling that can only come from knowing you are safe and sound. Whether youre on vacation, at work, or out to dinner with your family, your smart home will keep watch and notify you if anything unusual is going on. 

However, when it comes to your home, security is more than just a good alarm system when youre out and about. Smart video baby monitors are a good example. They give parents of small children a positive feeling of security when their little one (or little ones) is asleep in another room. What’s more, smart speakers or lighting can be used as an alarm when paired with the baby monitor, in case parents get so tired that they fall asleep. These days, when older kids are playing outside in the yard, parents can use an outdoor cam to keep an eye on them such as from the kitchen while preparing a meal. And seniors can also increase the safety of their home with smart home technology. For example, if you can no longer get to your feet after a fall, you can make an emergency call by voice command. 

Benefit 4: a smart home helps you save money

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Smart home solutions not only help you in your everyday life – they also save you money in the long run. For example, when kids are at school and parents are at work, its not a good idea to heat the entire apartment, in terms of energy costs. But by the time you get home, it should be nice and warm. With a smart home, thats no problem. You can turn your heat on from anywhere using your smartphone. Alternatively, you also have the option of automating your heating system – that is, adjusting it to your needs at certain times, or having it regulate itself independently, such as in connection with a smart weather station. 

Smart switches work with a wide range of lighting options, to suit your taste. They also promise long-term savings in energy costs. How? Intelligent automation means your lights are only on when you need them to be. Over the long term, this saves you money. And – just as with smart heating – the savings from smart lighting more than offset the minor amount of additional energy the smart switches in your house or apartment use. For example, smart motion sensors can automatically turn off the lights when you leave the room. This means that the lights only stay on when they are really needed. Whats more, smart light switches can be connected to other smart home appliances besides lighting systems. When the smart switch is activated, the radiator thermostats can turn down, the shutters can close, and the alarm system can switch on. 

Benefit 5: a smart home helps you be environmentally friendly

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Save money and do something good for the environment at the same time? Smart home technology makes it possible. The smart heating thermostats mentioned above, combined with smart window sensors, prevent unnecessary energy loss when windows are open. But you can also reduce environmental impact in other areas of a smart home. One example: a smart washing machine can automatically determine the degree of soiling within a load of laundry and release the optimal dose of detergent for cleaning. 

Naturally, when it comes to the environment, the garden must also be mentioned. A smart irrigation system can automatically activate on hot summer days, in collaboration with a smart weather station. This way you can ensure that your plants always get the right amount of water at the right time, saving water and money. 

So, does all of this sound logical, but setting up a smart home still seem rather complicated to you? We can help. 

Many smart home standards, one new app

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Admittedly, until now, connecting smart home systems from different brands has not been made easy for beginners. Almost immediately, you were confronted with various smart home apps designed for controlling individual elements. In particular, anyone new to the topic could quickly become confused. Which devices to buy? Which devices are compatible with one another?  

Thats over now. With the new Home Connect Plus app, all of your smart devices from different brands will converge into a single smart home solution, under a uniform and easy-to-use interface. The ability to control your devices directly via the Home Connect Plus app makes your life easier – as do automations and individual scenarios.  

You dont have to worry about getting overwhelmed by the technology. Home Connect Plus is very easy to use: anyone who can handle a smartphone can also operate this smart home solution. Smart home cons 0, Home Connect Plus app 1.

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