New: Extend automations with conditions

With our latest app update, your smart home automations can be customized even more precisely to your wishes and needs. Activations in the automations can now be effortlessly linked to numerous conditions.

Intuitive, simple, and yet more functional than ever: you can now intelligently extend your automations with the conditions “and,” “or,” “greater-than-or-equal,” and “less-than-or-equal.” With this new feature, you can link flexible activations to your desired devices.

For example, you can easily adjust your garden watering to the soil moisture using the “less than” condition: if the sensor detects moisture below 40%, it will sprinkle the lawn every two days. However, if it’s most enough and your garden doesn’t need water, the sprinkler stays off.

Cleaning inside, but not actually thinking about cleaning the house – that works with smart automations. If you let your vacuum robot run every other day at a certain time, you don’t give dirt a chance. With the new conditions, you can let it drive even when it’s over 50% charged. Just connect it to the condition “greater than” and everything will listen to your command.

Another idea: when you lock your front door, you can easily make sure that all windows are closed as well. With the condition “equal to,” Home Connect Plus checks the status of your door and window contacts and informs you immediately if a window is still open – so you never forget to close the windows when you leave your home.

With the new conditions, countless automations can be set up even more intelligently, in seconds.

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