Just one app for your smart home solution

We show you the way through the app maze and offer you the optimal smart home solution! With the new Home Connect Plus app, you can connect, automate, and centrally control various smart home devices and entire systems from different brands. Make your smart life easier and gain time for the things that are really important to you.

What Home Connect Plus offers you

Tired of having to use multiple apps to control your smart devices? Or having to wonder every time whether the new device you’re interested in is compatible with the ones you already own? 

Welcome to Home Connect Plus – this is where we can help you! Our app makes it possible to bring devices and systems from different brands together in one central place.

Weve put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that even smart home beginners can take full advantage of their connected devices. With Home Connect Plus, you can set up central, intuitive control of your smart home solutions or create personalized automations in just a few steps and without much effort. 

See for yourself, and make your life easier. Your smart home is much more than just a technical gimmick, because it offers you real support and practical benefits in your everyday life.

Discover clever smart home ideas

Discover clever smart home ideas

Start your day

Enjoy your family time

Leave your home alone

Feel good

Sleep well

Movie Night

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One app for your entire smart home

  • Compatibility: connect devices from over 40 brands
  • Easy to use: intuitive and convenient control
  • Automations: automate devices by certain rules

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