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Smart household appliances: intelligent helpers for everyday life

The oven that wont let anything burn, the washing machine that you can control on the go, the refrigerator that tells you what to buy – smart household appliances support you with innovative functions to master your everyday tasks at home. We present the most important smart household appliances and show you what they can do. 

Smart cooking: cooktop, oven, and ventilation hood

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  • Smart induction cooktops use sensors to regulate the temperature of the cooking zones and keep things from burning or boiling over. 
  • Smart ovens optimize the baking process and can also be programmed and monitored remotely. 
  • Smart ventilation hoods communicate with the cooktop and automatically adjust their power level.

Cooking and baking has never been so easy. Smart appliances in the kitchen help you prepare perfect meals and delicious cakes. They also make the cooking or baking process efficient and help you save energy.


Smart cooktops are able to optimally regulate the cooking process. This is ensured by intelligent sensors that adjust the temperature of the cooking zone exactly to your recipe and permanently monitor it so that the heat always remains constant. Burning or overcooking is thus a thing of the past. And when you’re on the go, its easy to check remotely whether the cooktop is actually switched off in the kitchen at home or whether the child safety lock is activated. That means less worry – and more time for the important things in life.


Smart ovens can be programmed according to the recipe. The temperature and baking time are set automatically, so that every cake, casserole, or other dish turns out perfectly. Whats more, the oven can also be controlled remotely via smartphone and app. In the app, you always have the temperature and baking process in view. The app notifies you when the baking program is finished. The oven can also be programmed individually. For example, the lasagna will be ready on time when you and your family get home in the evening.

Ventilation hood

With a smart ventilation hood, steam and unpleasant cooking odors no longer stand a chance in your kitchen. The ventilation hood automatically detects the presence of cooking vapors and adjusts the air circulation, fan speed, sensitivity, or run-on time depending on the cooking process. The device also communicates with the smart cooktop via your smart home network and adjusts to its cooking program. Of course, you can also operate the smart ventilation hood yourself via WiFi and the Home Connect Plus app. In addition, the device also shows you in the smartphone app when you should clean or replace the range hoods grease filter or activated charcoal filter. For the perfect kitchen atmosphere, some models even allow you to regulate the lighting individually.

More smart for your kitchen: refrigerator, coffee machine, and dishwasher

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  • Smart refrigerators and freezers keep your food fresh and help you keep track of your supplies. 
  • Intelligent coffee machines prepare your favorite coffee for you at any time and fully automatically. 
  • Smart dishwashers always select the right program depending on the type of dishes and load. 
  • In addition to the cooktop and oven, there are a number of other smart household appliances for your kitchen.

Refrigerator and freezer

To ensure that your food always stays fresh and nutritious, the levels in a smart refrigerator and freezer can always be optimally adjusted depending on the food – all conveniently via Wi-Fi with a smartphone and app. Some devices even use cameras to show you which foods are in stock. If you wish, you can even have your smart refrigerator independently reorder selected foods in advance. This way, you always have an overview of whats still in the fridge and what you might need to buy. In addition, the smart refrigerators help save energy in the household by operating as efficiently as possible.

Fully automatic coffee machine

For coffee fans and hobby baristas, a smart coffee machine in the kitchen is a must. You can control it conveniently from any room in the smart home, for example with the Home Connect Plus app, or program it so that your favorite coffee, from espresso to latte to latte macchiato, is freshly brewed and waiting for you when you come into the kitchen in the morning. The smart coffee maker also lets you know in the app, for example, when you need to refill coffee beans or clean the milk frother.


In the connected kitchen, even washing dishes is fun. You still have to put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher by hand, but smart technology takes care of the rest. The smart dishwasher selects the right program depending on the type and quantity of dishes and the degree of soiling. So you not only get perfectly clean dishes, but also save water and electricity. With the app, you can always stay up to date on the progress of the wash cycle, suppress the beep at the end of the wash program by pressing a button on the app, or receive a push notification on your smartphone.

Intelligent cleaning: washing machines, dryers, and vacuum cleaners

Thanks to smart home benefits, the mother spends more time with the child while the vacuum-cleaning robot cleans the floor.
  • Smart washing machines and dryers help you to always find the right washing and drying program for your laundry.  
  • Via Wi-Fi and app, you can set the desired washing program even better and you will receive a message when the laundry is ready.  
  • A connected vacuum cleaner robot can be precisely controlled throughout the home with smartphone and app. It cleans your home right down to the last corner, according to a precise plan.
  • In addition, smart household appliances are real assets outside the kitchen. They also help you with laundry and cleaning your smart home.

Smart washing machine

To ensure that your favorite sweater stays fluffy for a long time or your new T-shirt retains its vibrant color, its important to select the correct washing program. In smart home, the intelligent washing machine takes care of this for you. All you have to do is enter the material, color, and degree of soiling into the connected app. You can also keep an eye on the washing process and receive a notification when the laundry is finished.

It’s also possible to connect the washing machine to your smart home using the geofencing function of a smart home app, so that the washer starts automatically when you leave the house or apartment. When you return home, the freshly washed clothes are ready to be hung up or placed in the dryer. On the other hand, washing processes become particularly energy-efficient and sustainable when the smart washing machine starts automatically as soon as the photovoltaic solar system on the roof produces excess electricity. This way, you save energy costs at the same time.

Smart clothes dryer

Of course, you can also conveniently operate and monitor the smart dryer from your armchair using the app. In addition, the dryer can communicate with the connected washing machine in the smart home and automatically set the appropriate drying program, depending on the washing program. As soon as the drying program is finished, the dryer sends you a message on your smartphone or tablet. Smart technology also ensures optimum results and maximum efficiency in the dryer.

Robotic vacuum cleaner

With a robotic vacuum cleaner, you can get sparkling clean floors throughout your entire apartment without time-consuming manual vacuuming. Smart models automatically scan the surroundings and capture dust and dirt right down to the last corner in your apartment. You can use an app such the Home Connect Plus app to create your own cleaning schedules, and the robot vacuum cleaner will do the rest on its own. On its way through the smart home, the smart vacuum cleaner recognizes every floor covering and reliably cleans parquet, tiles, and carpets alike.

But thats not all: with Home Connect Plus, you can easily connect your smart robot vacuum cleaner with other devices and create automations and scenarios that are suitable for everyday use. In combination with a smart door lock, your intelligent cleaning assistant starts the cleaning process as soon as you lock your front door or apartment door from the outside. Of course, the same works in reverse. With an individual “Coming Home” scenario, which you can customize via the Home Connect Plus app, your cleaning robot stops cleaning the floor when the front door is unlocked and silently drives back to its charging station. The result: no more tedious cleaning chores, a cleanfloor greets you, and you have more time for you and your family. 

Smart home appliances: our partners

Intelligent appliances for cooking and washing bring a significant increase in quality of life and make everyday life noticeably easier. With the help of the Home Connect Plus app, our partners appliances can be easily controlled and coordinated – not just in the kitchen and bathroom, but also throughout the smart home.

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