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FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions

This section contains answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Home Connect Plus. If you cant find an answer here, email our support team or call our hotline. We are also planning a community forum for the near future. However you contact us, well be happy to help you.


Home Connect Plus is an app for central and intuitive control of your smart home. The app connects and automates a variety of smart home devices and systems from different brands – everything from smart thermostats, to vacuum cleaners and speakers, to shutters and lighting. Smart home devices dont have to be technical gimmicks. Theyre really just about making your everyday life easier. Home Connect Plus helps you do just that.

The app simplifies the control of various devices. It also ensures a seamless collaboration of the connected devices, so that you can benefit from the full potential of your smart home. In addition to the simple and central control of your smart devices, our automation function also creates real added value in your everyday life.

Our app is completely free and does not require subscriptions or in-app purchases.

You can currently use the app in German and English. More languages are in the works.

Our app is currently available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands and Great Britain. We will further expand to other European countries soon.

The Home Connect Plus app is available for smartphones with Android and iOS. The minimum requirement is Android 7.0 or iOS 14.0. In addition, you need an active Internet connection to use Home Connect Plus, ideally your own Wi-Fi.

Home Connect is specialized to be a digital platform for home appliances from different brands, connecting them with partners and services. With the Home Connect app, you can easily and quickly control your washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, coffee machine, or vacuum cleaner at the touch of a button – even while you’re on the go. In short, Home Connect focuses on household appliances. 

Home Connect Plus expands these possibilities to all smart home categories. The app controls your entire smart home, with all of its devices, whether its a washing machine, lights, security cameras, door locks, or heating. This gives you a central point of contact for all smart devices on your smartphone. 

Usage and functions

Home Connect Plus uses SingleKey ID for quick and easy login. SingleKey ID is a digital identity platform that lets you access various partner offerings – such as services, apps, websites, and online stores – with a single login. Your partner-specific customer account data (such as managed devices, online store purchases, or data from apps used) remains with the respective partner.

Essentially, the app consists of four sections: boards, automations, devices, and discover. You can easily create your own boards and have an overview of all your devices and favorite functions. Automations connect different device functions through the if-then principle of your smart home, according to your needs. This means you can quickly create routines that simplify your life enormously. In the devices section, you can see all your connected devices, add new devices, and assign them to different rooms in your home. The discover section inspires you with ideas and shows you new, exciting ways to use your smart home intelligently.

You set boards up yourself. With boards, you always have your smart devices and favorite functions in view. Whether you’re getting up in the morning or leaving your home: as soon as you open the app, youll see your favorites on the boards first and can access their functions with a single click. This way, you save time again and dont have to search for the right device or automation.

Automations mean less typing on your smartphone – and thus save you a lot of time. In the Home Connect Plus app, you can create so-called scenarios, with which you can connect several devices. In this way, you simply define which processes are to be triggered automatically according to the if-then principle. For example, every morning at 6:30 a.m. turn up the heating, open the blinds in the kitchen, and start brewing the coffee with the coffee machine. Then everything is ready to go when you get up around 7 a.m. and you dont have to manually trigger functions in the app every time. Automations run without needing any input from you – everything just happens by itself. But dont worry – youre always in control. You can also trigger actions manually, be it with your smartphone, with a switch, or in the future with voice command.

The Home Connect Plus website shows you an overview of all partners and supported devices in the Works with section. Youll also find specific instructions on how to connect certain devices to the Home Connect Plus app. As a general rule, as long as you can control the devices in the brands own partner app, they will work in the Home Connect Plus app in most cases. Our app recognizes which brand apps are already installed on your smartphone, making it easier for you to connect new devices.

Once you have connected your partner app with Home Connect Plus, you can easily control most of the functions of your smart devices from one app. You’ll notice almost right away that the Home Connect Plus app is very intuitively designed. You’ll also soon find that you can combine and automate functions of different partner devices, in addition to the usual control options.

Yes, only the product related manufacturer apps offer all setting options, including rarely used special functions. The Home Connect Plus app focuses on the operation of the most important functions and automations and complements the manufacturer apps. You can put the manufacturer app in a folder on your phone. However, for quick access, we recommend that you keep only the Home Connect Plus app on your phone’s home screen.

There is no limit to the number of devices that can be connected in Home Connect Plus. So, you have the freedom of choice to expand your smart home more and more.

Voice commands

Currently, we are still working on the technical integration to give you the possibility to start scenarios and automations via voice control in the future.

Partners and devices

Home Connect Plus relies on an extensive partner network that is constantly being expanded. We currently support smart home devices from over 40 leading brands and are constantly expanding this. Leading brands of smart home devices – such as Philips Hue, Bosch, TP-Link, Bose, Vaillant, and Homematic IP, among others – are part of this network. Nevertheless, there are a few brands with other strategies or technical foundations, whose devices are unfortunately not compatible with the Home Connect Plus platform. More information about the partner network is available in the Works with section. That’s also where you’ll find an always-current list of supported devices.

The Home Connect Plus app is meant to be the central point of contact for all important smart home functions. Thats why our goal is to integrate as many partners as possible. Above all, it is important that the partners already offer attractive devices and services in various smart home areas. It’s also important that the partners meet the Home Connect Plus app’s high standards for data security and quality.

In principle, yes, although not all providers rely on interoperability and cloud technologies or meet the high data-security and quality requirements of Home Connect Plus.

In many cases, yes, this will work. However, partners may start with individual devices or device categories, and integration with Home Connect Plus may not be immediately available for some of their offerings. The easiest way to find out is to visit the Home Connect Plus website, where all partners are listed along with supported devices.

To make the Home Connect Plus app simple and intuitive, the app focuses on those essential functions and automations that provide the greatest benefit in daily use. Detailed setting options or rarely used special functions are not part of the Home Connect Plus app and remain in the individual manufacturer apps.

No, unfortunately that is not possible. For smooth integration and operation, we at Home Connect Plus focus on the smart devices of our partners.

No, unfortunately its not possible to control Apple HomeKit using the Home Connect Plus app.

Sure! If you have smart home devices that dont work in Home Connect Plus yet, feel free to let us know here.

Security and data protection

Data protection and information security are two cornerstones of Home Connect Plus. Data transmission is always encrypted, and we don’t create comprehensive user profiles. Of course, we obtain your consent before processing any data. And you can get information about which data we store at any time If you wish, you can also request the deletion of your data.

In order to use the Home Connect Plus app, you need a SingleKey ID user account – here we record your user name and your email address – or you can easily log in via your Apple ID/Google Account.

You can easily reset your SingleKey ID user account password when you log in.
Learn more about SingleKey ID in our How-to video.

You can recover your Apple ID/Google Account passwort via your Apple ID/Google Account.


Home Connect Plus uses SingleKey ID for quick and easy login. SingleKey ID is a digital identity platform that lets you access various partner offerings – such as services, apps, websites, and online stores – with a single login.

From the very beginning, as early as the development phase of the Home Connect Plus app, we were thinking about security. Our development team also does everything in its power to fix any problems that are found, using quick updates. And data transmission is always encrypted.

Data storage is encrypted.

We store only the data that we need to provide the service. See our data-protection statement for details.

Home Connect Plus makes everything as easy as possible for you. Even deleting your account. Go to the app settings, where you will find your user account. This is where you can delete your account, in addition to other settings.

Home Connect Plus is offered by Residential IoT Services GmbH. Active since 2019, the startup is a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, with locations in Stuttgart and Berlin. Learn more in About us.

Help and troubleshooting

Were sorry youre having trouble integrating a device. Our website provides information about the current status with partners, as well as exact information about device support. On our website you’ll also find instructions on how to set up individual smart home devices. If that doesnt work, you can reach the support team by email, call our hotline, or, in the future, visit the forum. 

Its important to note that the Home Connect Plus app doesnt represent all the functions youll find in the manufacturer apps. Rather, we focus on the essential functions that provide the greatest benefit in daily use. So, it’s possible that we have not integrated a certain function. If you think the feature is essential, feel free to reach out to the support team via email.

If youre experiencing technical problems, you can contact our support team by email, call our hotline, or, in the future, post your question in the forum.