Safety, efficiency and comfort with Gigaset

Whether it’s a sensor, smart plug, alarm siren or camera – with our partner Gigaset, we offer you even more options to get the full potential out of your own smart home.

Products from Gigaset, which originated as a telecommunications company, are known for their quality and durability, true to the claim “Made in Germany”. But Gigaset can do more than that and also offers you intelligent and smart solutions for your home. The shared motivation of “more compatibility, less complexity” unites us and makes this partnership particularly valuable.

“That’s why I’m very happy that we are now cooperating with Home Connect Plus to offer our users a simple and personalized way to connect and control different smart home devices.” We can only agree with the quote from Senior Product Manager Franka Abraham, because this is the only way we can work together to create the greatest possible added value for the smart home.

You can now integrate the smart product portfolio of Gigaset Smart Home into the Home Connect Plus ecosystem and expand your smart home to include other leading partners.

Leave the house smart

Whether you’re on your way to work or on vacation, your smart automation will help you out. Closing the smart door lock automatically arms your Gigaset alarm system, the thermostats go down, the lights and the devices connected to smart plugs are turned off, and the robot vacuum cleaner starts the cleaning program.

Prepared for spontaneous visitors

You are still on the way home, but your friends are spontaneously on your doorstep? No problem! The smart doorbell notifies you that the visitor is already waiting for you at home, the smart door lock opens so that you can already let the visitor into the house. Your smart speaker plays the guest playlist, so that your guests feel directly welcome and at home.