Family leaving the house in a hurry, with front door open

Automations for a smart life

Get the most out of your smart home: Home Connect Plus enables you to set up individual automations and scenarios. This creates an ideally coordinated interaction of all your devices. 

Adapt your home to your life

Woman closes the front door with smart lock while she switches off the light

You drive to work at 8 a.m. every day? Imagine that when you close the front door, your smart home starts an automation that truly enriches your life: the heating turns itself down, the vacuum-cleaning robot and mower kick in, while the alarm system arms itself. Everything as if by magic. But, fortunately, life is more than just a collection of planned, everyday activities. If something spontaneous comes up, you can easily set up your smart home to adapt to that. Home Connect Plus makes this possible, and much more. But whats the difference between scenarios and automations? 

Everything follows your orders

Illustration shows the logic of the app’s automation
Screen from the app: automation for wellness scenario

Home Connect Plus offers you two ways to use your smart devices. One way is that you can manually activate interactions youve created, with just one click. For example, in a wellness scenario: the heating adjusts to make your bathroom comfortably warm, the light dims, while your speakers play some relaxation tunes. All with just one click. 

Navigating everyday life – automatically

Illustration shows the logic of the app’s automation
Screen from the app: automation for bedtime scenario

The other way is that you create automations that become active without your intervention. For example, your shutters always close at 9 p.m., or your thermostats reliably switch to an economical 16 degrees Celsius as soon as you leave the house and activate the smart lock on your front doorMotion sensors or rain sensors can also activate automations, as can many other devices. There are hardly any limits to your possibilities. 

When one thing determines another

Laughing woman with smartphone seated at a table
Screen from the app: automation for leaving home scenario

The highlight: Home Connect Plus enables devices from different brands and categories to interact via an intelligent if-then logic. This creates an integrated smart home experience. No more limits to your imagination! Decide for yourself how you want to make your life easier. And customize the interaction of the devices to your needs. 

Whole new relationships: when lights, heating, and windows learn to love each other.

House with evening lighting
Screen from the app: automation for movement in the yard scenario

The best thing about it: with Home Connect Plus, combining your devices is especially easy and intuitive. And its really fun and requires just a few steps. Select a triggering device, for example your motion detector in the garden, and then determine the action that should result from it – and the lights, lawn sprinklers, or speakers will turn on. If you want, you can also receive a push notification on your smartphone.