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Boards: true all-around talents

With all the smart devices and applications available today, keeping track of everything is not something you can take for granted. Home Connect Plus has the solutionusing our boards, you can make your life easier, based on your individual preferences.

Of course, you can do the basics, like sort your smart devices by room, whether living room, bedroom, or kids rooms. But we think beyond the basics. With our boards you can also sort your devices by time of day and activities. Whether its regular early-morning exercise or spontaneous dinner with friends, with Home Connect Plus your home adapts to your lifeJust the way you like it!

Decide what you need – where and when you need it

Laughing couple having breakfast together in bed
Screen from the app: creating board for breakfast in bed

Today, smart devices can be used in every corner of your home, whether in the bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room. Home Connect Plus brings order to chaos: in addition to your everyday situations, you can, for example, create a board for each floor of your home or for each type of roomThis gives you full control, at a glance, over all devices. This could be all devices located on the first floor, for example, or in the backyard or garage.

Or you can sort your devices and automations by time of day: in the morning, when youre in a hurry, youll have a shortcut to all devices you frequently use in the morning. Your evening board, on the other hand, will show you the devices and automations that are relevant for a relaxing end to the day. You can also decide which functions and automations are pinned to these boards, exactly as you need them.

Customize your app

Tiny house in a backyard with a string of lights and an evening feel
Screen from the app: creating board for evening ambience

Home Connect Plus offers you maximum creative freedom. Create individual boards according to your taste: choose your favorite color, find a suitable logo, or create your own names for your individual rooms and automations.

Your life, your home

Father carries son piggyback through the living room, while mother and brother look delighted

With Home Connect Plus, you can assign your favorite devices to specific areas of your apartment or house on our boards and control them conveniently. So far, so good. But what if your smart devices were not just location-based, but easily and flexibly adaptable to your life? A few ideas

Enjoy the show!

Father and daughter with movie night on screen and evening lighting

Youve waited a long time for this moment: the blockbuster of the year is finally available for home theaters. With a glance at the Home Connect Plus app, you create the perfect ambiance: the blinds go down; the lights change color – a plush pink for the romantic comedy, for example, or a gruesome green for the horror flick; and your sound system activates Hollywood mode. In no time at all, your couch is transformed into the best seat in the house in your home theater.

Grill and relax!

Family grilling together in yard
Screen from the app: creating board for barbecue party

Summer is here! Time to invite family, friends, or neighbors over for a casual barbecue. But between the barbecue and the fridge, things can quickly get hectic. Luckily, with your Home Connect Plus board, you can keep track of everything from backyard lighting to connected speakers.

Enjoy your vacation!

Woman using her smartphone while sitting on porch
Screen from the app: creating board for vacation

The loveliest time of the year. It29 degrees Celsius out. The sea washes gently over your feet. Pure relaxation. But what’happening at home? With a glance at your vacation board, you can keep an eye on the feed from your security cameras, or let your neighbor into the house via smart lock – after all, vacation or no vacation, the fish in the aquarium still need to be fed!