Living room with lighted floor lamp in the evening

All your devices, all under control

With Home Connect Plus, you can easily keep track of the most important functions of all your devices and control them conveniently from one place. 

Connecting made easy

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Screenshot of the devices overview in the Home Connect Plus app

Dont waste time switching between different vendor apps. If youve already connected your devices via the respective brand apps, you can link your accounts with Home Connect Plus in just a few steps. And our app is smart: if you like, it can detect which partner apps are already installed on your smartphone. Its worth it: the more devices are connected via Home Connect Plus, the more options you have.  

Many brands, one solution

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Screenshot: connecting partner devices in the Home Connect Plus app

The big advantage of Home Connect Plus: we bring together devices that previously did not work together. This creates completely new and unimagined possibilities for your home. Smart becomes smarter.

Smart partner products from the Home Connect Plus network

From A for air conditioner, to Z for zone heating

Our partners offer a huge variety of smart devices. Get inspired and explore our constantly expanding network.  

Control from a single source

Graphic simply smart
Screenshot: basic settings of the ceiling lamp

Automations dont just bring your devices to life – they also enable you to conveniently control your devices individuallyWhether you want to adapt the light color to your mood or the room temperature to the weather, you can control all important functions conveniently and intuitively through Home Connect Plus. If you want to make a fine adjustment, the detail view of the device also leads to the brand app. 

For the sake of simplicity

Screenshot: pinning to board

Home Connect Plus wants to make your life easier. Thats why we put an end to complexity: only activate the device functions that you really need in your everyday life. That way, you always have an overview and dont waste time with unnecessary configuration options. Our app deliberately avoids fine-tuning your devices, because we focus on user-friendliness. If you do want to adjust a particular detail, Home Connect Plus will guide you to the corresponding brand app with a single click.