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No matter where you’re going or what you drive, Zaptec is the surest way to power your journey.


No matter where you’re going or what you drive, Zaptec is the surest way to power your journey.

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Zaptec leads the EV charging market in safety and is certified with highest safety standards. Imagined, designed and produced on the west coast of Norway, we’ve combined traditional Scandinavian Design aesthetics with leading-edge Norwegian green tech.

Fully charged for your next adventure

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Built on leading-edge Norwegian green tech, we’ve created one of the world’s smallest 22 kW chargers (that’s maximum power), that’s as smart on the inside as it’s simple on the outside, so Zaptec Go will fit with your car and home, and take you wherever you want to go.

Zaptec women by her car next to the charging station
Meet the next generation EV charger

Zaptec and Home Connect Plus – your benefits

Zaptec Father and son at charging station

Zaptec and Home Connect Plus now not only make your home smart, but even the charging of your car. Create your own personal board to keep all your favourites close at hand.

Set up in a few steps

How to connect different smart devices via the Home Connect Plus app:

  1. If you haven’t already installed the Zaptec app, download it from the App Store and connect your Zaptec wallbox.
  2. Download the Home Connect Plus app and register.
  3. Add devices by pressing the + sign in the app’s device tab.
  4. The app automatically displays apps from other manufacturers that are already installed. Select the brand of your devices and sign in.
  5. Allow Home Connect Plus to access your devices.
  6. All your connected devices will appear in the device overview and you are ready to go.

Download the Home Connect Plus App free of charge


Here you will find an overview of all compatible products with Home Connect Plus:

Compatibility list

One app for your entire smart home

  • Compatibility: connect devices from over 50 brands
  • Easy to use: intuitive and convenient control
  • Automations: automate devices by certain rules

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