The smart home lighting brings some light to the dinner with friends

Smart lighting systems: intelligent lights and switches for any occasion

Soft light in the dining room, optimal illumination in the kitchen, atmospheric ambience in the living room. With intelligent lighting control via app, motion sensor, or a smart voice assistant, you get the optimal lighting in your smart home with just one click or on demand, in every room and at any time. We tell you everything you need to know about enjoying smart lighting, the automation of your lights, and the collaboration of your lighting control with other smart devices.

Advantages of smart home lighting

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  • Maximum convenience: with a smart lighting system, you have your lights under control at all times and can control them conveniently via app, remote control, or sensors – even without a switch. 
  • Perfect ambience: control the different brightness levels and color settings of your smart lights via app or voice command. 
  • Smart power saving: turning smart lights on and off can be automated and timed to help you reduce energy consumption in your smart home. 
  • Smart living: combine your smart lighting with other smart home devices and gain additional quality of life. For example, the lights in the hallway come on when you unlock the front door via your smart lock. 
  • More security: when youre away, smart controlled lights can simulate that someone is at home and thus deter burglars. 

Smart lighting is perhaps the easiest way to start building a connected home. Even without much effort, you can achieve a great effect, because smart light sources can be conveniently controlled via app, remote control, voice control, or various sensors, even without a light switch. 

Smart lights can be switched on and off without pressing a light switch, and they can also be adjusted in intensity and dimmed on demand or via an app. Personalizable scenarios help you create a cozy lighting mood for the entire home with just one click. You can also easily set when and at what brightness level your smart lights should automatically turn on at a certain time in the evening. 

Smart multicolor LED lamps create a very special atmosphere. Some of them can reproduce up to 16 million different colors and always provide the right light in any situation – for example, during a cozy movie night with the family. 

In addition, the collaboration of your smart lighting with other smart home devices is no problem thanks to apps such as Home Connect Plus. For example, you can set the lights and corresponding devices to turn on automatically when you unlock the smart lock on your front door. Or you can set your lights – in addition to your blinds, heating, and alarm system – to automatically adjust to a cozy evening watching TV. 

Even penny pinchers can benefit from intelligent lighting control in a smart home, because only lights that are really needed are switched on. With smart lighting control via motion sensors or geofencing, your smart home recognizes when you leave the house and then automatically turns off all the lights. This not only reduces your electricity costs, but also reduces your carbon footprint. 

A smart home light control system can also help provide security against burglars. For example, when youre on the road or on vacation, an automated light control system makes it seem like someone is home. Or, if the security system sounds the alarm in an emergency, all the lights in the house suddenly go on – which further deters uninvited guests. 

Smart lights, switches, and accessories: these devices are available

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  • Smart LED light sources that fit into sockets can be easily installed in all standard lights and combined with other smart devices. 
  • In addition, there is a wide range of smart lights in various sizes and shapes. 
  • In addition to operation via smartphone, there are also numerous smart switches that you can use to control your smart lighting. 
  • Various accessories such as adapters and remote controls complement the smart home lighting system and offer convenient options for automation. 

Smart lights

From standard lights to filament lamps and ambient lights, you can choose from a huge range of different smart lights, lamps, and other light sources for your smart lighting. The easiest way is to use bulbs for standard sockets, such as E14 and E27, or G10 spots. Smart LED light bulbs are available in different shapes and variants, in teardrop or candle flame shape, or as spots  all the variations youre already familiar with from using normal LED light bulbs. 

The simplest – and cheapest – option is available in white. The only variable here is the light color, which can be set via the so-called color temperature, measured in Kelvin (K). Here you can choose between warm white (from 2,000K), daylight white (from 5,600K) and cool white (from 6,000K). Daylight white or cool white light promotes concentration, for example, while warm white light is recommended for when you want to relax. Using smart light automation, you can easily create a wake-up scenario via app, for example. This way, you wont be woken up suddenly at the desired time by a shrill alarm sound, but rather gently, by your bedside lamp, which gradually gets brighter and brighter. In this way, the sun rises for you every day – right in your bedroom. 

The aforementioned multicolor lamps are a colorful alternative. This gives you practically the entire color spectrum to use to illuminate your smart home with a creative mood light – for example, during your yoga exercises or on the next movie night with the family. In addition to the bulbs that you can use in any existing standard light fixture, there are also smart LED lights in various shapes and for various uses, including LED ceiling lights, pendant lights, floor lamps, or table lamps. In addition, there are also special smart home lights for outdoor use, such as for the garden or the entryway. 

You can give free rein to your creativity with smart LED light strips and LED panels. Shelves or showcases can be equipped with a beautiful backlight, while the LED strips are also perfect for creating your own ambient light for the TV. With LED panels in all kinds of shapes and colors, you can conjure up beautiful patterns and light motifs on the wall. There are no limits to your imagination. These smart lighting options are also available as weatherproof versions for outdoor use. Use them to illuminate your balcony or garden in a colorful way, for example.

Smart switches

In addition to smart lamps, there is a huge range of accessories for your smart home lighting. These include receivers, remote controls, and sensors, such as motion or sun sensors – but also the smart light or universal switch with dimming and timer functions, which you can operate classically by hand, via app, or with voice commands. You can easily increase or decrease the light intensity. The smart switches can be attached to the wall with the tape strips that are usually included in the delivery, or they with a few screws. Battery-operated switches or remote controls can be placed next to you on the couch or on the nightstand next to your bed. This way, next time you wont have to get up to turn off the light. 

Connected via WLAN, Bluetooth, or Zigbee, the set-up automations of your smart lamps, lights, and switches can be controlled via the smart home control center, via voice command with Apples Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, as well as directly via the Home Connect Plus app. 

Smart lights and switches: our partners

Smart lighting is one of the most enjoyable aspects of a smart home. The ability to automatically control the light in any room depending on the time of day or night, or the mood, is incredibly convenient. Especially when used together with other smart devices. The Home Connect Plus app and our partners make this possible.

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