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LIFX are obsessed with light. It can wake you, nourish you, excite you, inform you, calm you, and lull you to sleep. So it pays to pick the right light.


LIFX are obsessed with light. It can wake you, nourish you, excite you, inform you, calm you, and lull you to sleep. So it pays to pick the right light.

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At its core, LIFX is a team of people that cares about light. Its effect on your day-to-day life; your sleep, eat, work, play environments. Oh, and the environment. Their LEDs create energy efficiency whilst their controls – like scheduling, voice, and triggers – reduce energy usage. The power of their partnership with Home Connect Plus is amplified by their strong integrations with all the key brands in the smart home industry such as Alexa and Google. And that colour! Once you see that, you’ll never go back.

Smarter Light

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Using only the best quality components and applying thoughtful design, LIFX lights achieve colour and brightness well beyond their competitors. For the most potent colours and soothing whites, look no further.

LIFX are well known for their ease of integrations with other brands. That’s why they are the first to partner with Google, Amazon and Apple on the latest innovations in smart home. This means you’ll never miss out on the best features lighting can have.

Subtlety is important. LIFX can achieve billions of colours for smooth transitions from one to another. The lights also dim to just 1%.

LIFX & Home Connect Plus – your benefits

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Create your own home cinema environment in just one step. Set your TV backlighting to your precise preference, turn all other lights off, blinds down, doorbell muted and settle in for a binge watch.

Be alerted with a lighting change when your washing machine has completed a cycle. How frustrating is it when you forget the wash is done and you leave the wet clothes in there just a little too long? With LIFX, never again.

Peace of mind can be automatic with LIFX and Home Connect. When you go out, or away on holiday, connect LIFX to your smart lock so that leaving triggers a series of actions including lights turning on and off to simulate presence. We call it “moccupation”!

Connecting to Home Connect Plus

How to connect different smart devices via the Home Connect Plus app:

  1. If you haven’t already installed the LIFX app, download it from the App Store and connect your LIFX connected devices.
  2. Download the Home Connect Plus app and register.
  3. Add devices by pressing the + sign in the app’s device tab.
  4. The app automatically displays apps from other manufacturers that are already installed. Select the brand of your devices and sign in.
  5. Allow Home Connect Plus to access your devices.
  6. All your connected devices will appear in the device overview and you are ready to go.

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Here you will find an overview of all compatible products with Home Connect Plus:

Compatibility list

Please contact the LIFX support if you have product related questions:

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One app for your entire smart home

  • Compatibility: connect devices from over 50 brands
  • Easy to use: intuitive and convenient control
  • Automations: automate devices by certain rules

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