Laughing couple having breakfast together in bed

How to start your day right with smart devices

No more grumpy mornings. Getting up has never been easier – smart home devices guarantee a good start to the day. 

Smart devices for the kitchen

Sleeping is great. And so is getting up – when the perfect breakfast is waiting for you. With coffee, music, and an egg cooked just the way you like it. Watch our video and get inspired by Home Connect Plus. 

Automate your breakfast

What does your perfect breakfast look like? It probably doesnt involve lengthy prep times, and gets your day off to a comfortable start. Your smart home and Home Connect Plus can help you make that happen. The best way to do this is to create your own personal breakfast automation:

Your window blinds say “Good morning!”

Shutters go up throughout the house

Let the sunshine into your house, and look forward to a good mood to go with breakfast. All the window blinds are raised at the same time – exactly when you want them to. 

Warmed up when you get up

The heating temperature is +2 degrees Celsius

The right temperature is crucial when it comes to feeling good in the morning. Home Connect Plus regulates the temperature for you, completely automatically. 

How do you like your egg?

With the smart plug, the egg cooker turns on automatically

Your egg cooker can simply and automatically make your morning eggs for you, with a smart plug. 

No more cold feet

Being in bed: theres nothing like it. Especially when its still cold everywhere else, and nice and warm under the covers. With Home Connect Plus, you can make your whole home really cosy and smart to start the day. Make cold feet a thing of the past and your life even easier and more comfortable with this amazing function:

Preheated floor

Activate under-floor heating

Who doesnt love perfectly adjusted underfloor heating? Youll be happier in the morning with every step you take to the bathroom. And the bathroom itself will be cosy and warm. You decide when the heating should come on, and at the temperature you prefer.  

Fluffy, warm towels

Preheated towels in the bathroom

Not all towels are the same. If you dont like cold feet, you probably dont want a towel that looks and feels as stiff and rough as a wooden board. You can choose whether the first towel you touch in the morning will be scratchy, or fluffy and warm: decide for yourself when your towels should be prewarmed and ready for you. 

Light, sound, a clear view thanks to preheated mirrors – extend your automations to the bathroom with Home Connect Plus for an easier and more comfortable morning routine. 

Hangover mode

No matter how lovely your evening was, the next morning always comes. Its a good thing Home Connect Plus never has an off day, so you can have the most comfortable start to your day:

Hot coffee instead of ringing doorbells

Deactivate doorbell

Looking forward to a good cup of coffee? Simply deactivate the doorbell to prevent interruptions while the coffee machine in the kitchen automatically brews your favourite coffee. It’ll let you know when the coffees ready with a gentle push notification. 

Dim the lights

Light dims

Headaches and harsh, bright light dont go well together. So its even more important that your smart devices work in perfect sync, with blinds and lighting making the room pleasantly dim for you – just the way you want it.

Discover clever smart home ideas

These days, everyone knows the term “smart home.” But what does such an intelligent home look like in practice? We’ll make it easier for you to get started in the world of smart homes and show you – using real-life examples – how your own personal smart devices can support you in your everyday life.

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