Woman lies in bed and sleeps

Sleep well with smart home automations

The last steps before going to bed are crucial for a restful sleep. Smart devices automatically help you fall asleep in a more relaxed way.

Create the ideal night mood

Usually, we can only sleep really well when we have taken care of everything: lights off, blinds down, front door and garage door closed. Home Connect Plus now takes care of this and much more for you with our partners’ smart devices: with just the push of a button, you can set all your devices to “goodnight, house” mode.

Sleep better

When you’re tired, you just want to go to bed and not worry about anything. Home Connect Plus lets you create your own personal bedtime automation and control everything automatically so it’s just the way you want it.

Everything at the touch of a button

Blinds and garage door go down with the push of a smart button

How can you save 10 minutes before going to bed? Just press the smart button and all the blinds go down, the garage door closes, and all the lights go out.

Security stays awake

Camera lighting up and door lock activating automatically according to time of day

Sleep with peace of mindyou decide when your door should lock itself and the outdoor cameras should be activated.

The sleep of your dreams

Couple sleeps as the music slowly fades, the heating turns itself down, and the lights go out

When the lights go out, the music slowly fades, and the heating turns itself down a touchthen theres only one thing left for you to do: close your eyes. Goodnight!

Bathroom at night

Everyone knows what its like: you wake up in the night, make a short trip to the bathroom, and then hope to fall back asleep as soon as possible when you return to bed. With Home Connect Plus, you can practically do this in your sleep. If you set things up correctly, you woneven have to flip a switch. 

May the light be with you

The light in the bathroom turns on as soon as you reach the door

Your trip to the bathroom is automatically and softly illuminated, with the help of motion detectors, without waking your partner from their sweet dreamsJust follow the light, and you dont have to worry about bumping into the edge of the bed.

Optimal sleep cycle

If you dont sleep well, you cant really feel good. Home Connect Plus offers a range of features to support your personal sleep cycle. Say goodnight to irregular sleep!


The blinds go down and the light dims

Too tired to get ready for bed? Do you sometimes forget that it’s bedtime? A little reminder from your app can help: the light gets warmer and softer and also is pleasantly dimmed in the bathroom to get you ready for a restful night.

Bedroom ready for bedtime

The blinds lower and the heating turns itself down

Theres nothing better than going to sleep and not having to worry about anything: the blinds go down and the heating is lowered – automatically and at the time you want.

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