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How to keep your smart home safe while on vacation

Full control over your home, even when youre travelling? Connected devices and home automation make it possible. 

Travel worry-free with smart home

A holiday, a change of scenery, just something different… With Home Connect Plus, you can travel worry-free and always keep an eye on your home. Simply lie back in your deckchair and unwind with your loved ones, while your garden sprinkler switches itself on. Take a look at all the options.

A holiday from your chores

Even when you go away, your home is still there. Whether its watering flowers or checking the front door, with Home Connect Plus your tasks will take care of themselves. Get inspired and create your personal holiday automation. Almost anything is possible:

Everything clean with the smart machine

Robot vacuum cleaner drives past windows at home

Just take off and enjoy your holiday. While youre strolling along the boardwalk, the vacuum cleaning robot is making its rounds in your apartment.

An eye on everything

Outdoor camera on the garage

With smart outdoor cameras, you can relax and enjoy your holiday. And check that everythings OK at home, at any time. For an even more secure feeling, simply connect other devices such as motion detectors.

Help from your neighbours

Woman at the front door with watering can in her hand

Thanks to the smart lock on your front door, your neighbour can come over and water your houseplants. Simply open the door for her from your deckchair on the beach.

Your personal weather report

Weather station displays the weather

Your smart weather station doesnt just show you the weather – it communicates directly with your sprinkler system and adjusts the watering automatically. Never again will your flowers get too much or too little water. Even when youre not at home.

Easy package deliveries

When a delivery is due, you might not want to leave the house in case you miss it. The smart home with Home Connect Plus is different: you can be on the road and still at home.

Permission to leave delivery, via video

Parcel carrier opens the garage via smart lock

When a delivery arrives and the carrier rings the doorbell, you can be easily notifed via your smartphone while youre on the go. You can explain where to leave the package, or even open the door for the carrier using a smart lock. Or, if you prefer, open the garage door a little and accept your package “virtually”.

Let there be light

If youre away from home for a longer period, people tend to notice. And, unfortunately, not only the neighbours. Protect your home automatically with Home Connect Plus. Even when youre away – the app is always at home.

Turn on lights, shut out danger

Lights in the house go on and off at certain times

In the garden, in the living room, in the garage: decide what times the light should come on. This creates the impression that someone is at home, significantly reducing the risk of uninvited guests.

Smart TV and speaker

Smart TV runs when people are absent

You can enhance the impression that youre at home with irregular flickering of your TV and sounds from your smart speakers. Of course, this only works for limited periods, and when it makes the most sense. 

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