Man relaxes in his armchair at home in living room

Relaxed and feel good smart home ideas

Whether we’re talking about wellness, fitness, or simply the right indoor climate, feeling good is a question of the right setting. Namely, the setting in your smart home, with Home Connect Plus.


Your wellness time

There’s nowhere better to relax in peace than in the bathtub. Enjoy an even more beautiful bathing experience with Home Connect Plus. Forget all about your to-do lists. There’s no doorbell to disturb you, the smart speakers play your favourite music and the aroma diffuser relaxes you with a calming fragrance. Everything the way you want it. Everything automatically.

Forget about your day-to-day

It’s not only the lights that you can switch on and off with the touch of a button – you can also switch off your busy everyday life. Connect lighting, music, smart plugs, and more with Home Connect Plus. For your perfect feelgood experience. Simply create your personal “switch off everyday life” automation.

The doorbell that thinks for itself

Smart doorbell at front door

When you need time for yourself, stress should stay outside. The smart doorbell makes sure that no-one disturbs you unexpectedly or, if you wish, can give you a discreet push notification to let you know someone is at the door.

Relaxation? Sounds good!

Woman takes a bath and smart speakers play music

Whether it’s whale songs, classical music, or “Yellow Submarine”, your smart speakers will automatically play the sounds that best help you relax.

A warm welcome


While your mirrors are being heated to prevent fogging, your towel is being prewarmed. And that makes getting out of the bath even more pleasant.

Workout at home

Keeping fit is not always easy. Home Connect Plus can helps you: whether twice or five times per week – the app is always there for you and creates the optimal conditions for your perfect workout:

Smart sound

Man works out to music from speakers

Fitness is simple: do nothing, get nothing. So it’s great that your smart sound system supports you with your personal “get pumped” songs, so you can give it all you’ve got. A smart plug on your fan also provides even more fresh air.

Perfect indoor climate

Woman does sit-ups while heating turns itself down and skylight opens

If you start sweating during your workout, it shouldn’t be because of your heating system, which regulates itself and to lower the temperature automatically. At the same time, the skylight automatically opens, supplying you with fresh air. So you can finish that last set of sit-ups.

Chill mode

Relax. Just do nothing, for a change. Where more natural for this than the sofa? By the time everything has been done and you’re comfortable in front of the smart TV, Home Connect Plus already has what you want set up on the screen:

Cosy mood lighting

Woman reads on the couch while blinds go down and light dims

Relax while the blinds come down and the light gets dimmer and warmer. Just the way you like it. Feel your body switch automatically into chill mode.

Smart seeing and hearing

Man lies on the couch and watches TV while smart speakers react automatically

Binge watching or listening to your favourite playlist? With Home Connect Plus, you’ll never feel like you’re stuck in a bad movie: the smart speakers automatically respond and pause your music when you switch on the TV.

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