Energie Manager: Smart energy saving

Reducing your own energy costs is currently more important than ever. With the free energy saving services from Home Connect Plus, you can, for example, reduce your own carbon footprint in the household, heat and ventilate more smartly, or keep an eye on the battery status of your smart home devices. Here we show you which services you can use to become the energy manager of your smart home.

Connecting Energy-Manager-Services – How it works

First, select the energy service you want to connect. For each service, you will find a brief description as well as more information about the smart home devices you need. Click on “Next” then “Connect service” and you’re ready to go. Each of the connected services will then appear in the service menu under “My Services”. You can also use the three dots in the upper right corner to manage your activated services, disconnect them again or resynchronize them.

Battery Guard: Always full power

You’ve got your hands full with your weekly groceries and are still standing in front of locked doors despite your smart lock? Someone must have forgotten to replace the battery in time. Annoying! So that this doesn’t happen to you anymore and your other smart home devices don’t run out of power, we have the solution for you: the battery guard. All devices, where the battery level is available, can be connected to the service. As soon as one of these devices has less than 20% power, you will receive a notification so that you don’t forget to change the battery.

Battery Guard – How it works!

The service automatically uses all connected devices for which information about the current battery level can be retrieved. This means that you can keep an eye on the energy level of door-/window contacts, smart locks, etc. in good time. It would be annoying if, for example, the heating only runs at full speed because the signal from the door-/window contact cannot be passed on due to an empty battery. In the service menu of the battery guard you will find a general device list as well as the devices that currently have a low battery level. You also have the option to mute devices at any time with just one click – so you won’t receive a notification if, for example, your robotic lawnmower is offline and hibernating in the basement.

Empty battery – Not with Home Connect Plus!

To receive the notification for a battery change at a suitable time, simply select the desired day and time. The notification will be sent as soon as one of your devices is no longer accessible or the battery level drops below 20%.

Additionally, you can choose the type of notification output: Have a push message sent to you via Home Connect Plus app or have this message read to you by your smart speaker or displayed on your LaMetric watch, for example. After saving, quickly set the slider to “active” and you’re ready when one of your devices needs a new battery.

Window Open Detection: Smart airing & heating

You just wanted to air briefly and now the radiator is running at full speed? Not so good! Of course, a lot of heat is lost and your energy costs increase. With our free service “Window Open Detection” you can now air smart, heat more efficiently and reduce your energy costs. As soon as one of your door-/window contacts registers the opening of a window in a room, your heating of the same room is automatically paused. If the window is open for more than 30 minutes, you will also receive a notification.

Set up your Window Open Detection – how it works!

To set up your window open detection, you need at least one smart door-/window contact and room or radiator thermostats. These do not have to be from the same manufacturer. If you have already connected these devices to the Home Connect Plus app, you can assign them to different rooms. The room assignment is a prerequisite for using the Window Open Detection; however, no further configuration is necessary after connecting the service. It is also helpful to name the devices in a meaningful way to keep track of them. You can change the names at any time via the device settings. All rooms set up? Great! Then you’re ready to go!

Save energy in your perfect indoor climate

After connecting the window open detection, all rooms you created with relevant devices are automatically imported into the service. If you subsequently make changes to rooms and, for example, add or remove a device after connecting the service, these changes are synchronized. Now you can decide for yourself in which rooms you want to use the service. To do this, simply activate the slider by clicking on the right side.

As soon as you have activated a room, more information is available: By clicking on the arrow on the right, a graph is displayed. Here you can see when exactly a door-/window contact has registered the opening and closing of a window. In addition, the current temperature and the target temperature are displayed in a history of the last 24 hours.

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