New: Use multiple triggers within one automation

With our latest app update, you can customise your Smart Home automations even more precisely to your wishes and needs. Multiple triggers within an automation open the doors to numerous new possibilities. This also allows actions to be started by different, independent triggers.

For example, you can control your heating even smarter:
You can now use several door/window contacts simultaneously as triggers. As soon as one window is opened, an automation starts that turns down your radiators. This prevents the heating from increasing the temperature when you are airing out.

Feel even safer in your home without having to worry too much – you can make this work with smart automations. If you combine your security sensors such as motion detectors or alarm sirens as triggers for an automation, they will activate your cameras as soon as one of the sensors is detecting movement. This way you always know exactly what’s going on in your house and have everything in view.

Ensure a comfortable atmosphere in your home in the evening with the right light. Use all the roller shutters in your living room as triggers in an automation system so that your lighting is dimmed to 30% as soon as one of the roller shutters is lowered.

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