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Smart home cameras and doorbells: keeping an eye on everything

Do you ever wonder whats going on in your smart home when youre away? Do you want to have full control over your smart home at all times? Then smart cameras are the perfect solution for you. Thanks to connected surveillance cameras, you can keep an eye on your house and garden while youre on vacation, for example. Or you can use your smartphone to check on your pets behavior while youre at work. But smart home cameras offer you many more exciting possibilities. We tell you about their most important advantages and which devices are available for which purposes. 

Smart home surveillance camera: the advantages

  • Easy installation: you can set up smart cameras anywhere in and around your smart home without much effort and at low cost. 
  • Flexible operation: via Wi-Fi and Internet, you control all cameras directly with your smartphone and can receive the images live anywhere. 
  • Maximum security: so that you really dont miss anything, many smart surveillance cameras automatically save the recordings in the cloud. 

In the old days, installing surveillance cameras was expensive and involved a huge amount of work. Cable clutter guaranteed! This is completely different in the smart home. Here you can easily connect smart cameras wirelessly via Wi-Fi or a smart home radio standard to your smart home control center. As a power supply, you can use existing power sources such as outdoor lighting or sockets. Alternatively, you can use batteries as the power supply. 

Of course, the cameras are also controlled via your smartphone. You can even use your phone to receive live video feed from all the smart cameras in your home. And this not only works at home, but also remotely, via the Internet. For example, you can check on things at home from the hotel pool on the other side of the world at any time and enjoy your vacation all the more. Modern camera models deliver a crystal-clear image in full HD resolution. In addition, you can use your smartphone to control, rotate, and pan many camera models. 

And you can do more than just view the images from your smart cameras live on your smartphone screen: you can also save the recordings as video. Either on an SD memory card in the camera, or in the cloud, depending on the camera model. Some brands offer their own cloud storage service for this, but usually charge a fee for this. In case of a burglary, for example, you can view the recordings and forward them to the police. 

Smart home outside camera: these devices are available

Woman watching view from smart home camera of her house on her smartphone
  • Automated control options: smart outdoor surveillance cameras are usually equipped with a motion detector and infrared night vision. 
  • Practical extras: some outdoor cameras offer you special features such as alarm siren, lights and spotlights, or an intercom system. 
  • Special case: the smart doorbell. A special form of smart outdoor camera is the door intercom or doorbell with integrated camera. 

Smart outdoor cameras

When you think of surveillance cameras, you probably first think of outdoor cameras that secure the grounds of a heavily guarded building like in a James Bond movie. With connected cameras, you can get the same for your smart home. Smart outdoor cameras are permanently installed on the wall of your home and have a weatherproof housing that protects them from the elements. Some models can also be rotated and panned, of course directly via app control. 

Most outdoor security cameras also have a built-in motion detector that automatically starts recording when someone approaches. Imagine a burglar approaches your smart home. The smart camera mounted on the exterior wall of the house activates and sends you an alarm on your smartphone via push message, for example on the Home Connect Plus app. Now you can immediately see whats going on in front of your house and react accordingly, for example by calling the police. 

Some camera models can even distinguish between people and animals, so theres no false alarm when the neighbors cat slinks through your garden. The standard equipment often includes an infrared night vision mode, which allows you to see everything in complete darkness, without any light source whatsoever. 

Cameras with additional features

In addition to the standard models of smart outdoor cameras, there are also surveillance cameras that boast various additional features and offer you even more possibilities. For example, some models have an advanced motion-activated light that automatically illuminates your path, or a spotlight that illuminates the surroundings. For example, you can also connect the smart camera with your smart outdoor lighting and activate other lamps via the motion detector. 

Cameras with an integrated siren can also be integrated directly into a smart alarm system and connected with other sensors, such as opening sensors on the windows, via the smart home control panel. If the sensors then sound the alarm, the activated siren can often send the burglars fleeing. Other additional features include a speaker and microphone that allow you to use the camera as an intercom system. For example, you can directly address strangers approaching your house. After all, not every unannounced visitor is a burglar. 

Door intercom and smart doorbells with camera

A special variation of the outdoor camera is the door intercom or the smart doorbell with integrated camera. With it, you can always see who is standing in front of the door and ringing the bell, right on your smartphone screen. This saves you a trip to the intercom panel. You can even, for example, use your smartphone from bed in the morning to see immediately who has just rung your doorbell and woken you up at such an early hour. 

Thanks to remote control via smartphone and app, you can even answer the doorbell when youre not at home. For example, a delivery person arrives at your home with a package. He or she rings your doorbell, but you are at work or at the supermarket. You can give instructions via your smartphone on where to leave the package. 

Of course, you can also use the smart doorbell in connection with a smart door lock. This way, for example, you can open your door remotely with the Home Connect Plus app after checking who wants to enter your house, such as a guest or a cleaner, via the camera on the smartphone screen. 

In addition to your smartphone, you can also connect a smart doorbell with camera to other devices in your smart home, such as a smart indoor station with monitor or directly to your TV. Some smart doorbells also offer other extras such as motion sensors or a mute function. The doorbell with camera is installed either via the existing doorbell wire and power connection, or alternatively with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to a year. 

Smart home camera inside: basics and devices

Woman adjusts her smart camera at home with her smartphone
  • The eye for the home: Smart cameras also monitor the interior of your smart home and inform you via push messages about movements in your home. 
  • Private stays private: through camera apertures, privacy mode, and defined surveillance zones, your privacy is protected at all times. 
  • Perfect for video chat: smart indoor cameras with intercom function can also be used for communication with family and for video calls or conferences. 

Smart surveillance cameras provide more security in your house or apartment. An indoor camera works in principle like an outdoor security camera. You can place it anywhere or mount it on a wall. When the integrated motion detector registers something, you get an alert on your smartphone. These cameras also come in different models that can be easily aimed in different directions. Some cameras even offer a 360-degree panoramic view. For example, a single camera can cover your entire living room if you position it cleverly, for example on a shelf. In addition, some models also have practical functions such as a night vision mode or integrated features such as a smoke detector. 

Even though the surveillance camera in your home tracks everything, you dont have to worry about your privacy. You can automatically deactivate the cameras with schedules, or turn a camera off by pressing a button on the camera or via your app. With some surveillance cameras, the lens is completely covered by an iris. This way, you can be sure that no unwanted recordings are made. You can also specify exactly which zones the cameras should monitor and which areas should be excluded. For example, you can set up the camera in your bedroom in such a way that your bed is never filmed by the camera. 

Besides surveillance, you can also use smart indoor cameras for communication. Most models are equipped with a speaker and microphone for this purpose. For example, you can use the smart camera for a video chat with the family when you are on a business trip. This way, you can stay in touch with your loved ones at all times and never miss an important moment. Or you can use the smart indoor camera in your home office for a video conference with colleagues. 

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