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Smart roller blinds and smart home venetian blinds: daylight under control

Shutters and blinds protect living spaces from light, heat, and prying eyes. And in the smart home, this can even be done automatically.

Here we explain the advantages of intelligent and connected electric roller blinds, folding shutters and venetian blinds. We also talk about the types of devices available.

Smart home blinds and smart shutter control system

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  • The smart home makes controlling your roller blinds and venetian blinds easy and convenient. 
  • Using a remote control or smartphone and app, you can centrally control the sun protection for every window in the house and change it according to a schedule. 
  • Connect your roller blinds and venetian blinds to a smart weather station including a sunlight sensor, and your smart home system will automatically take control for you. 

The days when you had to raise and lower your roller blinds individually and by hand are long gone. And using switches for electric roller blinds and venetian blinds is also a thing of the past. In the smart home, all roller blinds and venetian blinds are conveniently controlled with just one remote control, or with your smartphone and an app such as Home Connect Plus. This allows you to control the sun protection at every window in the house centrally. Of course, voice control is also possible, for example in conjunction with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri.

And you can do more than just control the smart roller blinds and venetian blinds remotely. You can also program them via app, integrate them into scenarios, and automate them. For example, smart roller blinds can be set to open automatically at a certain time in the morning and close again at a set time in the evening. It is also possible to connect the shutter control with various sensors, for example with a smart weather station with a sunlight sensor. In this way, smart blinds can adapt to the current solar radiation and either allow light in, or block light to create pleasant shade.

Automatically controlled roller blinds also have the advantage of contributing to security. This is because they make it difficult for potential burglars to determine whether someone is currently at home or not, and also entering the house more difficult.

Sun protection in the smart home: smart home devices at a glance

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  • Smart roll-down shutters can be conveniently controlled throughout the house, even automated, and contribute to security. 
  • Smart outdoor blinds regulate light incidence and indoor temperatures and protect our windows from damage. 

Smart roll-down shutters

Window with smart roller shutters and Venetian blinds

No more pulling on straps, no more going from window to window: smart and connected roller shutters make your life easier every morning and evening. Because they can all be operated centrally via your smart home – with remote control, app, voice control, or automatically with a timer.

Whats more, they are particularly safe compared with conventional roller blinds. Anti-lift devices protect your windows against burglars. And in the event of a fire, the smart shutter control can automatically open all shutters to clear escape routes.

Smart blinds

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Intelligent sun protection: smart home venetian blinds offer you the same central control options as the connected roller blinds. However, automated control in connection with smart sensors is particularly useful.

These sensors can, for example, measure the intensity of the sunlight and optimally adjust the position of the slats. The setting can also be adjusted depending on the season. So you have cool shade in summer and natural warmth in winter. Sensors also detect obstacles or strong winds that could damage the blinds and retract them automatically for protection. 

Smart shutters and blinds: our partner brands

With these smart systems, you can transform your home into a smart oasis of well-being. Our partners smart devices can be easily controlled and automated centrally via the Home Connect Plus app.  

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