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Smart home alarm systems: connected protection for the home

Smart guardian angels for your home: smart technology not only makes your smart home more comfortable – it also ensures greater security. Connected alarm systems protect your house or apartment from burglars. Smart smoke detectors and water sensors warn you in case of fire or water damage. We show you which devices you can use to make your smart home more secure.

Security systems in the smart home: the advantages

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  • Smart Home technology makes security technology easier and more affordable than ever before.  
  • smart home alarm system informs quickly and directly and gives you a safe feeling at all times.  
  • The connected security system can be individually designed and expanded with additional elements as needed. 

In the past, extensive security systems, such as alarm systems, were often expensive and time-consuming to install. In the smart home, set-up is much easier – and cheaper. You only have to integrate the individual security components such as alarm systems, window sensors, or smoke detectors into your smart home system. Thanks to the wireless connection via Wi-Fi or smart home radio standards, complicated wiring is unnecessary. 

With a smart alarm system, you have full control. In case of an emergency, it informs you immediately and without delay via a push message to your smartphone, no matter where you are. So you can travel with peace of mind for a longer period of time without having to worry about a burglary, fire, or burst water pipe. 

There is a wide range of different elementsalarm systems, warning sensors, sirens, control options, and more. Using these, you can customize your smart security system to suit your security needs and the circumstances of your smart home. In addition, you can expand the system by adding new devices – at any time and without much effort. 

Smart home alarm system: the most important components

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  • The central element of a smart security system is a smart home controller or, alternatively, a dedicated control panel with display. 
  • A smart security system can usually be controlled via a smart home control center. 
  • Motion detectors, opening sensors and vibration sensors, and cameras monitor your home and report suspicious activities to the security center. 
  • If the alarm is triggered, it will activate a loud siren or send a silent alert to your smartphone. 

Smart alarm control panel

To control your smart home alarm system, you can of course use a smart home control panel or smart home controller, just like any other smart device. They are used to connect your security devices with each other. Alternatively, you can usually control the system via an app on your smartphone, such as the new Home Connect Plus app. It is also possible to install additional control units for your alarm system. However, unlike the smart home control center, these devices only serve to display additional images from your surveillance cameras. However, they usually do not process smart commands and are mounted on a wall at a suitable location.

Smart home motion detectors and vibration sensors

Smart motion sensors for outdoors or indoors immediately register any movement on your property, or in your house or apartment, and then trigger a pre-programmed reaction. The system then triggers an alarm siren, for example, or switches on the connected smart lighting. Smart motion sensors can even detect the size and number of people present, and distinguish between people and pets. This reliably prevents false alarms caused by animals. Another option: smart vibration sensors that detect even the smallest vibration.

Smart home: door and window contacts

Most burglaries occur through windows or patio doors. The smart alarm system has the ideal answer for this. Smart door and window contacts and window handle sensors detect when someone tries to open or force a window or door. They then sound the alarm in the event of a break-in. To be on the safe side, you can also install glass breakage detectors on your windows.

Smart alarm sirens

Alarm sirens for your smart home alarm system can be triggered by motion detectors, door/window contacts, or other security sensors. Their shrill sound sends burglars fleeing and alerts residents and neighbors. Alarm sirens are available for both indoor and outdoor use, or even use the sirens built into smoke detectors. Outdoor sirens are often additionally equipped with a flashing signal light. In parallel, you will of course automatically receive a push notification on your smartphone in case of an alarm, or in some systems also an SMS or a phone call.

Starter packages and all-in-one alarm systems

If you want to set up a new alarm system for your smart home, many brands also offer alarm system sets and starter kits. These contain everything you need to set up a security system: a control unit, sensors, sirens, and more. An alternative is an all-in-one alarm system that combines motion sensors, an alarm siren, and sometimes even a surveillance camera in one device.

Smart surveillance cameras

If you want to know whats going on in and around your smart home while youre on the go, you can also integrate surveillance cameras into your smart home security system. You can learn more about this by going to the page about smart cameras.

Intelligent protection against fire and water damage

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  • A smart security system also protects against house fires and damage caused by burst pipes or excessive moisture.  
  • Smart smoke detectors sound the alarm at the slightest hint of smoke and inform you via app so you can quickly call the fire department.  
  • Water detectors and sensors protect you from damage caused by burst pipes or excessive moisture. 
  • House fires and water damage can cause serious harm to your house or apartment. Fortunately, there are also smart security solutions that warn you about this.

Smart home smoke detector

When your house is on fire, every second counts. Intelligent smoke detectors react to even the slightest smoke development. They then immediately sound the alarm with the integrated siren to notify the occupants of the house. In addition, they also trigger the other connected smoke detectors in the smart home system. Or they might use an installed alarm siren. So you can hear the alarm in every corner of the house. 

The smoke detectors also send a push message to your smartphone via the smart home control panel. This way, you are immediately informed about the fire and you can react directly to the danger. 

Smart home water sensors

A burst pipe in the basement, a flooded laundry room due to a defective washing machine – accidents like these can quickly become expensive. Smart water detectors and sensors notify you immediately via an alarm tone and your smartphone in an emergency. This means you can prevent serious damage at an early stage. 

Smart main valves go even further. These devices measure your water consumption and quickly register when something is wrong. In this case, or if a connected water sensor triggers an alarm, the main valve of the water pipe closes, preventing large amounts of water from escaping and causing damage.

Smart security: our partners

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