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Mills driving force is to create smart, beautiful heaters for the future that will help people save money and the environment, and to be comfortably warm at home.


Mills driving force is to create smart, beautiful heaters for the future that will help people save money and the environment, and to be comfortably warm at home.

Supported products

Being beautiful is not enough, our products are also smart. The elegant front panels of our heaters got the addition of hidden WiFi and technology that give people the ability to control their heaters through an app, no matter where they are in the world. In just a few years, our app became the best-liked heating control app in the Nordic countries. Our ambitions are not just to design new products – it’s just as important to us to create good customer experiences and to be in the lead when it comes to technology!

Smart and beautiful heating

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Heating accounts for more than 60% of a household’s power consumption! With Mill WiFi integrated heaters you can void wasting money on electricity while you are away from home or asleep in bed and easily adjust the temperature to suit your daily routine. This smart heating solution benefits the environment by reducing power consumption and you by lowering your power bill.

Simplify your everyday

Mill app
  • You can set up a weekly program on the Millheat app, where the temperature is automatically adjusted to your customized settings. Modes to choose from are Comfort, Sleep, Away and Off. You can easily override the set program, if you should wish to go home early one day, to ensure you return to the comfort of a warm home.
  • The vacation mode reduces your energy bill while you are away. The app will automatically increase the temperature before you get home.
  • Control all your locations with just one user login. Choose the temperature before heading for your winter cabin and enjoy a warm and cozy evening.
  • Get full control of your power use: The new power consumption statistics allow you to monitor your heating pattern over time, filtered by date.

Mill and Home Connect Plus – your benefits

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With Mill and Home Connect Plus, you can link and automate your heating with your other smart devices, such as lights, smart plugs or your smart door lock.

Imagine locking your front door and automatically turning off your appliances and turning down your heating. Or you enter your workshop and in no time at all your machines are ready for use and the temperature is pleasantly warm. All in just one app!

Set up in a few steps

How to connect different smart devices via the Home Connect Plus app:

  1. If you haven’t already installed the Mill app, download it from the App Store and connect your Mill connected devices.
  2. Download the Home Connect Plus app and register.
  3. Add devices by pressing the + sign in the app’s device tab.
  4. The app automatically displays apps from other manufacturers that are already installed. Select the brand of your devices and sign in.
  5. Allow Home Connect Plus to access your devices.
  6. All your connected devices will appear in the device overview and you are ready to go.


Here you will find an overview of all compatible products with Home Connect Plus:

Compatibility list

Do you need help with you Mill products? Go to the help center

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One app for your entire smart home

  • Compatibility: connect devices from over 50 brands
  • Easy to use: intuitive and convenient control
  • Automations: automate devices by certain rules

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