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Smart partner products from the Home Connect Plus network

We make a lot of things possible but, unfortunately, not everything

Home Connect Plus offers you the possibility to connect a variety of smart home solutions in just one centralised app. Our app supports devices from numerous leading brands and we are constantly expanding our extensive partner network. However, new partners must first of all meet the technical requirements (including cloud connectivity), and they must also comply with the Home Connect Plus app’s high standards for data security and quality. There are also a few brands with incompatible technical requirements or strategies that we currently cannot include in our app, or brands that currently do not want to be integrated.

You may not find all the functions in our app that you might be familiar with from our partners. That, too, is intentional: the Home Connect Plus app focuses on providing the functions that you use frequently in your everyday life, while special detailed settings remain in the apps of the respective brands. We don’t want to – and can’t – replace the apps of our partners. We just want to make the everyday use of your smart home much easier. Thanks to Home Connect Plus, constant switching between individual apps is now a thing of the past.

There are also certain functions that are not transferred over to Home Connect Plus from our partners, due to technical or strategic considerations. This is primarily because not all devices in our app are available as triggers for automations. We are working closely with our partners to constantly expand the possibilities.

Of course, we also want to hear what you have to say: if you use smart home devices from other brands that are not yet compatible with the Home Connect Plus app, and you can recommend them, then let us know: You can also use this channel to give feedback on functions that are missing, or ones you’d like to see included in the future. We’ll talk to our partners about it.

Devices or brands missing? Let us know!

We’re constantly expanding our extensive partner network. If your smart devices or brands are missing, please let us know.

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