Standing baby in cot grabs father's chin laughing

Enjoy your family time

Create more space for the really important things in life. Smart devices offer numerous ways to get rid of tedious everyday tasks. 

Hush, little baby

Home is where your family feels safe, comfortable, and at ease. With Home Connect Plus and smart devices from our partners, you can focus on your loved ones. For example, when you put your child to bed, the blinds, lullaby, and indoor camera adjust themselves. And thats just the beginning – let yourself be inspired. 

The family in focus

Routines make life easier. Long before smart homes existedthe right bedtime routine helped children fall asleep better. Home Connect Plus can help a lot with this. Simply create your personal goodnight automation. Then you can focus all your attention on your child:

Close your eyes and listen

music notes from the smart speakers

Your smart speakers will play your favorite lullabies automatically. No long searches, no interruptions and no accidental hard rock at maximum volume.

Perfect lighting ambience

The blinds go down and the light in the children’s room dims

The blinds lower automatically and the light in the childs room dims pleasantly. Thanks to this, your child feels comfortable and knows that its time for bed. 

Everything revolves around the family

Smart plug is connected to the mobile

Its a parents dream, too: connect your mobile to a smart plug and it will turn as soon as you put your child to bed. And for as long as you want – thanks to the smart plug with timer function.

Watching over the baby

Smart indoor cameras in children’s room

Be creative and use your devices any way you want to. With smart indoor cameras and Home Connect Plus, youll always have an eye on your loved ones.

Keeping children close and safe

Family is at its best when everyone is together. But thats not always possible. With Home Connect Plus, parents can see their children even when theyre not right next to them. This helps parents and children to feel better. 

All in view thanks to indoor cameras

Child and inside camera

Make a quick trip to the store for a few things, take the dog out for a walk, or go to the hair salon. You can keep an eye on your kids via app – even while youre on the go.

Discover clever smart home ideas

These days, everyone knows the term “smart home.” But what does such an intelligent home look like in practice? We’ll make it easier for you to get started in the world of smart homes and show you – using real-life examples – how your own personal smart devices can support you in your everyday life.

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