Recipes: Presets for your home

Forgotten the laundry in the washing machine again? Annoying! Just let the Home Connect Plus app notify you when the laundry is ready! You don’t have a smart washing machine? Also no problem! With the standby detector, you can easily upgrade your household appliances to a smart device. All you need is a smart plug with an energy meter from our broad partner network, which you use to connect your device to the power supply.

Connecting recipes – this is how it works

First, select a desired recipe. In addition to a brief description of the service, further information about required Smart Home devices is also displayed. Click on “Continue” to activate the selected service and you are ready to go. You can find all activated recipes and further setting options in the service menu under “My services”. Using the three dots in the upper right corner, you can also manage your activated services (“Manage services”), i.e. disconnect or resynchronise them. In the following, we present our optional recipes for your Smart Home.

Standby detector: No smart washing machine? Now there is!

Forgotten the laundry in the washing machine again? Annoying! Just let the Home Connect Plus app notify you when the laundry is done! You don’t have a smart washing machine? Also no problem! With the standby detector recipe, you can easily upgrade your household appliances to a smart device. All you need is a smart plug with an energy meter from our wide network of partners, using which you connect your device to the power supply.

Use your standby detector in three ways

The activated standby detector recipe then monitors the energy consumption of your household appliances. As soon as consumption falls below a certain threshold, the service automatically detects that your washing machine, for example, is finished – and you are informed via the Home Connect Plus app. We’ll show you three different setting options to perfectly adjust the standby detector to your needs, depending on whether you already have the power consumption of your device or if you still need to determine it.

1. Press a button, ready, go!

As befits a smart home app, we have prepared a convenient and simple way for you to integrate the standby detector into your home smart home system. Simply use our presets to do this: The device overview shows you the smart plugs that are already connected to the Home Connect Plus app. Now switch on the standby detector for the desired device, e.g. the washing machine, by pressing a button and then you are ready to go. If the measured energy consumption of the machine falls within the predefined range, you will be notified of this by a push notification.

2. Adjust consumption values quickly and individually

Do you already have prior knowledge about your current consumption values in your household or would you like to adjust the corresponding threshold values? No problem! Simply click on the extended view and enter your desired values for the respective device. Important: Save your adjustments to apply the changes.

3. Consumption detection for your device

Do you want to optimise the energy consumption in your Smart Home, but require detailed information about the current power consumption? Then use the integrated consumption calculation for the respective devices in order to subsequently adjust the min. and max. thresholds.

Start the consumption measurement of the standby detector before switching on the device to be measured, for example your washing machine, and then start the washing cycle. Only when the machine is finished should the consumption determination be completed.

You can now adjust the min. and max. threshold values for the unit as required using the consumption values collected. Important: Consumption can only be determined for one device at a time.

Presence simulation: At home even when you are not there

Do you want to go on a trip, but at the same time want your home to look lived-in to deter uninvited guests? Then the presence simulation is just the thing for you. The service studies the usage behaviour of your shutters and lights for a complete day and automatically reproduces this pattern during your presence or absence – so you can, for example, simulate your presence in your Smart Home even though you are actually on holiday We will show you two options for using this recipe for your absence simulation.

1. Learn to use the equipment: Start 24 hr recording

Preparations for your next holiday are underway – high time to benefit from the new Home Connect Plus recipes and start your presence simulation. It’s very simple: In the service menu under recipes, you can find the free add-on presence simulation. In addition to a short description of the service, you can also start a recording directly after activating the recipe. By clicking on the button, the usage behaviour of your devices that are connected to the app will be recorded for 24 hours.

Of course, you can end this recording manually at any time; in the event of a new recording, the existing version is overwritten. The “Not recorded devices” section lists all devices that were connected but remained inactive or were not used during the recording – they are therefore not part of the simulation. After successful recording, your presence simulation can be started via a slider and immediately serves as a deterrent for uninvited guests when you are not at home yourself. Devices that should be included but not be part of the automation can be deselected manually at any time.

2. Alternatives: Use presets

If you do not want a 24 hour recording for a presence simulation, we also have a simple alternative for you: Use our presets. This is where you will find an overview of the connected devices in which individual devices can be manually selected or deselected for the simulation.

Hint: To get the most out of your Smart Home, naming your smart devices in a meaningful way (“Living room floor lamp” instead of “Lamp 1”) may be helpful. Individual devices can be renamed via the respective unit setting.

Using the presets of the presence simulation, the use of each device can be seen via a timeline:

  • The orange area indicates when the device was switched on
  • The white area shows when the device was switched off
  • The grey line shows the current time in order to be able to orientate oneself as to which action will be carried out promptly

One app for your entire smart home

  • Compatibility: connect devices from over 50 brands
  • Easy to use: intuitive and convenient control
  • Automations: automate devices by certain rules

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