Save energy with your Smart Home

Simply save energy with your Smart Home and do something good for the environment and your wallet. We show you a few examples of how you can make a big difference with small automations in your everyday life.

What consumes how much electricity?

Before you actually optimise your electricity consumption, find out which appliances in your household consume the most electricity. Use the various Smart Plugs from our partners to determine the consumption directly at the device.

Small savings that pay off in the long term

Your smart home not only offers you comfort, but can also do a lot more: many consumers forget that they can easily save energy in many places within their own smart four walls. Therefore, you should also consider the small but effective measures in your own household that can optimise your energy consumption. We show you a few examples:

Relax and switch off


Once the smart plugs have been attached to the selected devices, you can start saving energy: Create a good-night automation that automatically switches off all devices from 10 p.m. during the week, for example. This way you can go to bed relaxed and no device remains unnecessarily in standby mode.

Light on or off when you need it


If lighting in your household is a constant source of energy, then you are wasting energy unnecessarily. With the help of an automation system and a motion detector, you can automatically switch on your lighting, e.g. in the hallway, when it is really needed when you are present. If no movement is detected, the light simply goes out again.

Feel-good temperature and smart savings

Home Connect Plus App Screen leaving home

With intelligent automations, you not only have a comfortable temperature that is always right for you, but you can also save energy in a smart way: For example, when you leave the house, the heating regulates the temperature down in your absence. This way, no unnecessary energy is consumed when you are not at home.

Using surplus electricity smartly


You have your own PV system and want to use your surplus electricity smartly? Then you can use automation to charge your electric car, for example, only when the surplus electricity is more than 2,000W. Of course, this principle can also be applied to other smart devices of your choice, such as a heat pump or air conditioner.

One app for your entire smart home

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