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Quick response with tink Smart Protect

Home Connect Plus offers you an intelligent solution to connect your Smart Home and make it secure. Together with our partner tink, we now also support you with our professional service tink Smart Protect – powered by Home Connect Plus. If an alarm is triggered in your home, the service attempts to notify you and selected emergency contacts so that, for example, your trusted neighbour or a family member can check on things or intervene.

Limit damage, minimise follow-up costs

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Responds quickly in an emergency: Your smart home offers you much more than just intelligent control of your home. Tink Smart Protect automatically triggers an alarm chain after detecting a dangerous situation caused by fire, smoke, water or a burglary. The service then attempts to notify you and other emergency contacts as quickly as possible in order to contain any major damage.

Once booked, you can easily connect your compatible smart home devices to the Home Connect Plus app, which will attempt to contact you in the event of an emergency. If one of your smart home devices detects a dangerous situation and cannot reach you, your previously defined emergency contacts will be contacted as quickly as possible by phone call and SMS. They can then check if everything is OK at your home. This way, in the best case, the extent of a detected damage event, such as burglary, smoke development, fire or a water leakage, can be contained, even if you yourself are not at home or cannot be contacted.

Dangerous situation quickly detected

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A smart home device in your home detects a dangerous situation and the service attempts to contact you via push notification, phone call and SMS. But what if you have deactivated push notifications or don’t have your mobile phone to hand? With tink Smart Protect, you can now also define personal emergency contacts.

Contain damage at an early stage

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If you are unable to respond to the various notifications, the service will attempt to notify your emergency contacts in the same way. For example, in the best case, a neighbour you trust or a family member can check that everything is OK and take action. On our website, you can find detailed information on how the tink Smart Protect alarm chain works.

Strong partners: Safer through everyday life with tink and Home Connect Plus

tink Smart Protect – powered by Home Connect Plus offers you a professional and intelligent solution that significantly reduces the likelihood of unattended emergencies. Simply book the service through tink as your contractual partner. Coupled with the Home Connect Plus app, you can then manage your compatible smart home devices and your emergency contacts. In addition, Home Connect Plus notifies you and your selected contacts in an emergency situation and offers you the option of viewing your alarm history at any time.

Book tink Smart Protect now

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Get more information about the options and benefits of your emergency service or book the tink Smart Protect Service – powered by Home Connect Plus directly through our service partner.

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