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Yeelight is a world leading brand for smart lighting products that inspires with its high quality ceiling lights, bulbs, desk lamps, light strips and mood lights.

Yeelight offers modern living in the best light

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  • Best lighting quality thanks to high-end LEDs and the latest technology: adjustable brightness and color temperature, no flickering or dazzling and very low blue light emission
  • Many control options: via app, voice, remote control, smart switch, conventional wall switch and buttons on the product itself
  • Great compatibility: Google, Alexa, HomeKit, Razer, Overwolf and many more
  • Award-winning products: iF Design Award, reddot Award, Good Design, IDEA Design

More than lighting: lamps give warning signals

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  • If the oxygen level in the room drops too much, the lights will turn red
  • The doorbell rings when the children are already in bed: instead of ringing the bell, the light pulsates
  • If there is smoke, the lamps start to flash red
  • The light comes on automatically at night when there is movement, and it’s dimmed, so that you don’t have to look for the switch in the dark or wake up your partner
  • The light comes on automatically when it gets dark and you are at home

You can find more information about Yeelight on our website.

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