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Yale is trusted by millions of people every day to keep what’s important to them safe. Our innovations have protected their homes, families and belongings for over 180 years.

With Yale, keep the most important things safe. And connected.

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  • Yale gives you the peace of mind of knowing who and what you love is safe – no matter where you are.
  • Make your door smarter with Yale Linus® Smart Lock, a keyless door lock designed to secure and simplify your life. Sleek design combined with state-of-the-art technology.

Yale Linus® & Home Connect Plus

Always dreamed of one app to connect your Linus® to your other smart devices? This is now possible with Home Connect Plus.

Unlock, lock your Linus® Smart Lock, check the status and battery of your lock, and operate any other smart devices, all from the intuitive Home Connect Plus App.

A truly connected security experience

Together with Home Connect Plus partners, you can get Linus® interact with other smart devices, via personalised automations from the moment you leave your home until you go to bed. For example, when you unlock your door with Linus® Smart Lock, the alarm system is deactivated and the lights is switched on for additional security and convenience.

Going out for the evening? If you lock the front door, Home Connect Plus can start your “Away” automation, turning off the lights, turning down the heating, lowering the blinds and closing your garage door.

Scenes and automations get your home ready for an enhanced security experience as you come and go. Seamless.

You can find more information about Yale on our website.

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