TP-Link, the world’s No.1 network product manufacturer, is also going on the smart home offensive with new products as well as a new ecosystem.


Kasa has an expanded portfolio from smart plugs, lighting, switches to WLAN cameras and more to keep your whole home smart, safe and dynamic. Kasa products have been recognized by PCMag, Digital Trends, the New York Times, and CNET as the Best Products of 2020.

TP-Link & Home Connect Plus – your benefits!

Easily integrate your smart sockets and lights into overarching automations:

Light up the night: Switch on all your smart lights and the lamps connected via smart sockets every day at sunset. At the same time, your smart speaker will start your favorite playlist and your wine fridge will be atmospherically illuminated. This turns the evening into a cozy finale.

Leaving home: Use your smart door lock as a trigger to turn off all your smart lights and sockets when you leave your home.

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