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spexor is your mobile security assistant. Its high-quality sensors take care of your safety – almost anywhere you need them to.

Spexor protects what you value

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Whether intrusion detection, measuring air quality, temperature alarm or fire gas detection* – spexor is versatile and not only suitable for use within your own four walls. A whole range of different sensors reliably detect irregularities in the monitored environment. If a break-in is detected, spexor sounds the alarm and notifies you via push notification. Thanks to a powerful battery and integrated SIM**, it can be placed almost anywhere and protect what is important to you.

*Fire gas detection can be added optionally for €19.99 per year.
**After 12 free months of EU-wide mobile connection, it can be added optionally for €11.99 per year.

spexor & Home Connect Plus – your benefits

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  • No matter where you are – activate spexor and simply feel safe. Whether you’re on a business trip, on holiday, in your caravan or rental car, spexor can be used in exactly the spaces where you need it. It is your everyday companion and adapts to your needs. spexor protects what you value while you enjoy your freedom!
  • Combine spexor with your other smart home devices using Home Connect Plus.
  • If spexor detects a burglary attempt, you can use Home Connect Plus to combine spexor with cameras or lamps, among other things, in addition to spexor’s own push notification. Red alarm for your lamps and you can see what’s happening in your home with the camera and act accordingly.

You can find more information about spexor on our website.

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