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Innovative and flexible home automation solutions with attention to the smallest details.

Home automation, perfected!

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  • Wi-Fi connected – All Shelly devices connect directly to the Wi-Fi network, no hub required!
  • Retrofit – Shelly devices allow full home automation without changing the existing electrical installation or running additional cables.
  • Open and flexible – Shelly devices allow full integration with other smart home brands and platforms.
  • Scripting for custom automation – Next Gen Shelly devices (Plus and Pro) allow scripting for enhanced functionalities, specific integration, or custom functions.
  • Exceptional value for money – High-quality products with a full warranty and dedicated support team.

Shelly & Home Connect Plus – your benefits

Shelly and Home Connect Plus

Shelly’s full integration with Home Connect Plus allows you to easily control various smart devices and get your automated home to the next level. With an intuitive app, adding comfort to your everyday life, and Shelly innovative technology and unmatched flexibility, you can easily create a home that follows your own schedule and control it no matter where you are!

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