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powerfox is a complete solution for the digital use of energy data: simply install our poweropti on the digital meter and activate it with the powerfox app.

Energy is going digital

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powerfox makes energy data (electricity, water, heat) digitally available and creates the basis for exciting new business models. The powerfox solution includes hardware for various types of meters for self-installation, a high-performance data platform and open interfaces for partners and services.

Intelligent monitoring and device control

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Optimise your PV power self-consumption by keeping an eye on your generation as well as your power consumption with powerfox (also for balcony PV systems).

Smart charging of your e-car with the surplus from your PV system will be very easy in the future with powerfox in combination with Home Connect Plus.

Always keep an overview with individually set alarms, for example when you are on the road or want to monitor the consumption of a new device.

You can find more information about powerfox on our website.

More about powerfox

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