Philips Hue

Philips Hue woman with mobile phone in lit living room

Philips Hue offers you a smart lighting system for your home with over 16 million colors. Your lighting – as individual as you want it.

Philips Hue, smart home lighting made brilliant

Philips Hue Couch in Illuminated Living Room
  • Transform any room with rich, beautiful colors
  • Create unique moments and automate lights
  • Control your lights on the go
  • Sync movies, TV shows, and games with your smart lights
  • Combine with other smart home devices to automate your entire home

Philips Hue & Home Connect Plus – your benefits

Philips Hue woman with cell phone on couch

With smart lights from Philips Hue and numerous other compatible smart home devices, your home shines in new splendor and adapts to your everyday needs.

  • Leaving home: Let your smart lock be the trigger to turn off all your lights, close your blinds and lower the heating when no one is home.
  • Movie night: Create your very own move night automation. Set the atmosphere with lighting, close the blinds, and mute the smart doorbell so that you can enjoy our movie without any distraction.
  • Being away: Set up a presence simulation while your on vacation. Turn on the lights, have your smart speakers play the radio and your smart security system will give you peace of mind – all while you’re away.

You can find more information about Philips Hue on our website.

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