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Nuki’s electronic door lock turns your smartphone into a key. It automatically unlocks your door when you get home and securely locks it again when you leave.

Highlights: Smart Lock 3.0 + Bridge

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  • Nuki’s electronic door lock automatically unlocks the door when you come home and securely locks it again when you leave.
  • Allocate digital access permissions to friends, family or service providers.
  • Nuki Bridge: enables remote opening of the Smart Lock and end-to-end control of the door status.
  • Easy integration into existing smart home environments.
  • Retrofittable in a few minutes. Compatible with all popular cylinders. To the installation check

Nuki & Home Connect Plus – your benefits

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Use the Nuki Smart Lock as a trigger for your coming home automation: Automatically open the shutters, switch your smart lights to the desired mood, play your favorite playlist on your smart speaker and set your living room thermostat to a comfortable temperature.

When you leave the apartment and lock your Nuki Smart Lock, Home Connect Plus takes care of turning off all the lights and saving you money by lowering your heating. And if necessary, your vacuum cleaner robot will also start automatically.

When you’re on vacation, let Home Connect Plus notify you when your smart door lock is opened or a smart light is turned on in your home and check the situation with the connected cameras.

You can find more information about Nuki on our website.

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