Wandpanel hangs over a sofa

Nanoleaf Shapes, the smarten modular light panels. By infusing thoughtful design and technological intelligence in the products, Nanoleaf is ushering in a new era of the smart home that centers around complete personalization.

Smart Modular light panels

Wandpanel with a hand
  • Modular LED light panels
  • Limitless design possibilities with Connect+technology
  • Flexible control through touch, voice assistant, the Nanoleaf App or a manual controller

Smart Home even smarter with Nanoleaf and Home Connect Plus

Wake up in bedroom
  • Create the perfect morning atmosphere at home by waking up naturally with gentle light alarms that can be scheduled in the Nanoleaf App and the smart coffee machine that turns on at the very same time.
  • Colored alarm: connect the Nanoleaf Shapes with a smart motion sensor and be informed through colored light when a persons enters.
  • Link the Nanoleaf Shapes to a smart weather station and the colors on the panels will change depending on the weather of the day.

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