Combine your Liebherr appliance with other connectable devices – simple and intelligent.

SmartDevice: The future of intelligent living

More than 120 modular connectable refrigerators and freezers are already equipped with SmartDevice technology and can thus be conveniently integrated into your existing smart home.
Using the associated SmartDevice app, you can control your appliances from anywhere and receive relevant status and alarm messages. The door alarm, for example, reminds you as soon as the refrigerator door has not been closed properly. And thanks to integrated BottleTimer, which reminds you of the drinks in the freezer, burst bottles are a thing of the past.
Together with Home Connect Plus, your Liebherr appliances can also be easily and intelligently combined with other smart devices – for even more convenience in your everyday life.

It’s raining ice cubes. Completely automatically.

  • Spontaneous party? No problem, because refreshment is provided. As soon as your smart thermometer shows over 30 °C, your IceMaker automatically produces ice cubes. So you have plenty of ice for enjoying aperitifs, cocktails and soft drinks – for a successful garden party in summer.

Now it getting cosy and atmospheric

Kitchen with Liebherr fridge
  • While you have made yourself comfortable with a glass of wine, the presentation light of your wine cabinet creates an atmospheric ambience from a time you specify.
  • As soon as your smart motion detector senses that you are at home, the presentation light of your wine appliance automatically switches on and creates a cozy atmosphere.
  • If your shutters are down between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m., your wine device is illuminated in style.

Don’t forget anything in the future. We think along with you.

Liebherr Freezer
  • You forgot to close the freezer door in the basement? No problem. Your smart light system in the living room reminds you by flashing.
  • After a hot summer day you are looking for something to cool down and a cool drink? But: you forgot to put drinks cold before? Activate the BottleTimer in the future and take care of other things in the meantime. After about 40 minutes, the BottleTimer reminds you by light or music to take the drinks out of the freezer – for ice-cold enjoyment on hot summer days.

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