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The specialized Roomba® robotic vacuums with individual features take care of your home. They give you control over cleaning so you can be yourself and pursue more enjoyable things.

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With iRobot® and the iRobot Home app, you can be you while getting control of the cleaning:

  • Your robot is ready for shedding season, so you can let the fur fly.
  • Your robot cleans extra during pollen season so you can open the windows and share your singing lessons with the neighbors.
  • You can send it straight to the dirtiest spots so you can watch season 4 without the crumbs from season 3.
  • Your robot automatically cleans up after dinner so you can find better ways to burn calories.
  • iRobot’s smart features give you back more free time.
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Your devices work together so you can take care of other things

Want to clean only when you leave the house? Then simply connect your Roomba with the smart door lock or garage door and you won’t notice the cleaning.

You can find more information about iRobot® on our website.

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