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Homematic IP helps turn your regular home quickly and easily into a smart home. The system will win you over, in particular, with its simplicity and reliability.

Smart Living, Simply Exciting.

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  • The product range comprises more than 100 products. The practical starter sets offer the easiest way to get started. They can be flexibly expanded at any time.
  • The system is suited for any application: whether new construction or renovation, your own house or a rental accommodation.
  • The smart home is easy to set up via the Homematic IP app as well as an access point. Your smart home can be controlled via one or more smartphones – even while on the go – via the free cloud service.

Your Homematic IP system just got even smarter

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  • You want your home to be protected if you are not on-site? Homematic IP alerts you reliably. Combined with a smart doorbell, you see what is happening at your front door.
  • Do you want to start the day smart? When the Homematic IP wake-up light has reached its highest setting, your smart coffee maker will begin brewing fresh coffee.
  • Receive a smart welcome at home? With your personal Coming Home scenario, the Homematic IP shutters open, your cleaning robot is parked, your indoor camera goes into privacy mode. Your lamps light up in atmospheric light while your favorite playlist starts on your smart speaker.

You can find more information about Homematic IP on our website.

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