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Smartly connected to your household. With Home Connect, you can easily coordinate your household appliances. From the washing machine to the oven to the coffee maker or vacuum cleaner.

Favorites for faster access

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By definition, something that is constantly repeated is routine. But at Home Connect, we prefer to call that Favorites. With Home Connect Favorites, you can now take the shortcut to frequently used programs.

You can easily set up your Favorites with your individual settings and start an action with a single tap. Your favorite cappuccino? Tap once and it’s ordered. Need a quick vacuum while you go for a run? Simply start the Roxxter with a tap of your finger. With Favorites, all this is now quick and easy.

Your personal collection of favorite recipes

Home Connect Rezept

With the Home Connect app, new cooking inspiration is the order of the day. You can add as many favorite recipes to your Favorites as you like.

Under “Discover” you’ll get to your overview page, and there you’ll already find the Favorites you’ve already set up. When you open them, you will see your already collected recipes in the next screen. Is the list empty? Then start by collecting a few recipes.

If you like the dish, simply tap on the heart at the top right of the recipe photo. Et voilà, your favorite has been added.

Choosing the right decision with Easy Start

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Which program should I use to get the best results? With the Easy Start Assistant, you always choose the right program tailored to your needs. This assistant helps you quickly and intuitively select the right programs for all Home Connect appliances based on various factors.

You can find more information about Home Connect on our website.

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