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Pontos: The all-rounder for water management brings ease of mind into your everyday life, increases your quality of life and protects against water damage at home.

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Enjoying a worry-free vacation or time in your home: with hansgrohe Pontos, the smart water management system, you always have full control of your water at home. The intelligent water management system offers proactive protection against water damage while simultaneously increasing home comfort by monitoring key data in the ambient environment of your rooms, such as humidity and temperature.

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With Home Connect Plus you can create your personal vacation mode for your smart products. This allows you to keep a constant eye on the state of your home and start predefined automations with just one click. So that you can enjoy your vacation carefree, the hansgrohe Pontos Base checks the pipes for conspicuous water consumption, which indicates leaks. In case of damage, the Pontos Base automatically closes the water supply and informs you via smartphone. The hansgrohe Pontos Scout reacts to leaking water drains and communicates with the Pontos Base. In addition, motion detectors and smart cameras can provide further security by protecting your home from burglars – all in one app.

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