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More time for the important things in life – that is the intention of Hama’s smart products. That’s why we are developing new app and voice-controlled smart home systems to give you more time.

Smart Home – Made Simple

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  • You don’t need an additional gateway (bridge), which makes the purchase cheaper for you.
  • You can expand and upgrade your Smart Home step by step.
  • Products from other manufacturers can also be combined with our devices.
  • You can conveniently control your home via app or voice command.

Hama & Home Connect Plus – your benefits

Hama Smart Home offers you clever everyday helpers. With a wide selection, easy installation and simple operation, you bring a lot of comfort into your home!

Welcome home

Hama Welcome at home

When you unlock your smart door lock, your home welcomes you with a warm, pleasant light, the robot vacuum cleaner moves into the charging station, your heating turns up another degree or your fan provides a refreshing breeze.

Good night

Hama Good night

Simply go to bed without having to think about what you might have forgotten. When the bedside lamp is switched off, all lights in the house are automatically switched off, unnecessary consumers are disconnected from the power supply by Smart Plugs, the blinds lower, the garage door is closed and the security system is activated.

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