Gardena robotic lawn mower and irrigation system with app

GARDENA smart system – professional garden care that combines watering, lawn care and more in one system. For added convenience, freedom and full control over your perfectly well-kept garden.

GARDENA smart system: Never leave your garden behind

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  • GARDENA offers you the most comprehensive smart gardening system
  • Perfectly timed watering and mowing with the support of accurate sensor data, wherever you are
  • Gain more time for yourself and other tasks in the garden

Smart Home – not only for your house, but also for your garden!

Friends sitting in the garden with Gardena robotic lawn mower

Easily link other smart home devices to your GARDENA smart system:

  • The smart weather station reports rain? Your water control pauses the lawn watering.

You can find more information about GARDENA on our website.

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