Smart buttons in focus

From a smart light switch, to controlling your music, Flic can trigger your full smart home routines at the push of a button.

Upgrade & Simplify Your Life with Flic.

Woman uses smart button

No more running through apps or using voice commands. This small button allows you to customize your smart home to your needs.

With three triggers, there are endless combinations to what you can set your Flic to do. Smart light switch on push, smart music switch on double push, and wake-up routine on hold. It is never complicated to send a command with a Flic button.

Small & Simple.

Smart button
  • Easy access to your smart home devices, routines & moods.
  • No need for various apps or voice commands.
  • Small and discrete. Can stick to any flat surface or be placed in hidden places where you need it.
  • Easy set up in the Flic app and Home Connect Plus app.

You can find more information about Flic on our website.

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