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At FIBARO we believe that Home is the most important place in the world. That’s why, we provide smart home solutions that care for your comfortable, safe & eco-friendly living.

Smart home, safe & comfortable living

Fibaro house

FIBARO smart home provides safety, comfort & helps in your everyday life. With just one click of the button, gesture or with a word, you can easily control your home appliances, lighting, blinds, gates, temperature, alarm or watering system.

Why it’s perfect for you?

  • wireless – non-invasive installation
  • remote – easily managed by app
  • open – hundreds of plug-ins and integrations with other brands
  • modular – easy to expand step by step

Benefits of using FIBARO with Home Connect Plus:

Family in bed
  • One, intuitive app for controlling and integration of various IoT and smart home devices,
  • Simplified access to the most important smart home accessories – FIBARO devices, NICE gates, as well as other brands like LIFX, DoorBird and others,
  • Best in class app user experience for creating actions, schedules while managing safety and security.

You can find more information about FIBARO on our website.

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