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  • Busch-Jaeger is the market leader in the field of electrical installation technology and Smart Home
  • The range extends from the complete electrical installation program with switches, plugs, dimmers and door communication systems to high-end solutions for building automations in your smart home.

Busch-Jaeger & Home Connect Plus – your benefits!

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  • In addition to the Busch-free@home® system, you can also integrate other products from other smart home providers into your home system with Home Connect Plus.
  • Depending on your preferences, you can integrate the Busch-free@home® products into different scenes and thus control your home.
  • Create automations in Home Connect Plus that cleverly combine your central heating and Busch-free@home® products.
  • Or create your personal Leaving home automation: Your Busch-free@home® shutters are lowered and the lights are switched off while your vacuum cleaning robot starts and the garden watering system takes care of your lawn

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