Bosch Thermotechnology products

Simply a warm home, no matter what the day has in store for you. Bosch simply provides reliable warmth, comfort and peace of mind with an intelligent heating control system that is particularly easy to use.

Simply Bosch. Right from the start.

Bosch Thermotechnology Air to water heat pump in front of house
  • Simplicity: We design our devices to be as intuitive and simple as possible – to consistently make life easier for our customers.
  • Perceptible quality: Our products are characterized by high quality and fascinatingly intuitive design. They are not only sophisticated and reliable, but also beautifully designed.
  • CO2 neutral: We have been climate neutral since 2020, which means that no CO2 footprint is left behind from development to production to administration.

Bosch & Home Connect Plus – your benefits!

Bosch TT Man with gas usage app screen

Home Connect Plus lets you create automation and scenarios across als categories in combination with your Bosch heating system:

Leaving home: locking the smart door lock automatically turns down the heating and turns off all lights and smart plugs in your home. If a window is still open, Home Connect Plus will inform you. Your smart vacuum robot gets to work so that everything is clean after you get back.

Coming home: When you enter your place, the motion detector turns on your lights in the hallway and starts your favorite playlist via your smart speaker. So that it is quickly warm, your heating is also turned up again.

You can find more information about Bosch Thermotechnology on our website.

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