Bosch Smart Home

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Thanks to the smart helpers from Bosch Smart Home, your everyday life will be more relaxed and safer – with an optimal living atmosphere and reduced energy consumption.

Live more comfortably and safely

Bosch Smart Home Family on Sofa with Icons
  • Individual comfort: Design your smart home according to your needs.
  • More security: Your Bosch Smart Home devices reliably protect against burglary, fire hazards and water damage.
  • Flexible control: e.g. via app, voice, time programs, automations or operation elements.
  • Smart networking: All Bosch Smart Home devices communicate with each other and thus act in perfect coordination.

Eyes outdoor camera and smart door locks

Bosch Smart Home Outdoor Camera Door Control with App

Of course, you don’t want to blindly open the door without knowing who is standing outside. That’s why smart door locks and the Eyes outdoor camera work together effectively:

  • If your outdoor camera registers movement in front of your entry door, your Home Connect Plus app informs you via push message: On the camera live image you can see who is standing in front of your door.
  • Now you can unlock your smart door lock with a finger tab in good conscience – so that e.g. the postman can leave a package in the hallway. Afterwards you simply lock your smart lock again via app.

Alarm system and smart speakers

Bosch Smart Home Alarm System Living Room

Even more security? Sounds good!

To make your Bosch Smart Home alarm system even more effective, you can connect it to your smart speaker:

As soon as intruders are discovered, your speaker now automatically plays stored sound snippets.

For example, loud dog barking sounds to send uninvited guests fleeing.

You can find more information about Bosch Smart Home on our website.

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