Bosch Indego robotic lawnmowers

The intelligent, efficient and connected robotic lawn mower. Beautiful lawns – made easy.

Why cut randomly, when you can cut intelligently?

Bosch Indego Logicut
  • Indego with LogiCut maps the lawn and cuts in efficient parallel lines freeing up your lawn sooner. Not only keeping it looking healthy and beautiful, but also, saving more energy in every run and being kinder to the battery.
  • LogiCut defines a different mowing direction for each mowing session in order to avoid leaving permanent tracks on your lawn.
  • With LogiCut, Indego is intelligent. It knows where it has been and where it has to go.
  • The Indego with “SmartMowing” creates a mowing schedule based on your lawn size, weather data and personal preferences meaning manual programming is no longer necessary.
  • Connected capability means you can manage your Indego remotely from wherever you are.

Bosch Indego & Home Connect Plus – your benefits!

On vacation? Set up a vacation board in your Home Connect Plus app and have all your device controls directly at hand. Set-up an automation so that your lawn will be mowed every week and it will be irrigated reliably while you’re away.

When you’re coming home with your kids in the afternoon the clever Home Connect Plus automation together with your smart door lock will make sure your lawn mower will stop mowing and go back to its garage.

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